Nanoparticles may offer cure for MS

In a major breakthrough for nanotechnology, Northwestern Medicine researchers have succeeded in stopping multiple sclerosis in its tracks.

'Rubber-band' electronics could aid human health

Researchers say they've developed electronic devices that are as stretchable as a rubber band, making them potentially implantable into the human body for medical monitoring.

New solar cell solves durability problem

Northwestern University researchers developed a new solar cell that, they say, is cheap to produce, efficient and environmentally friendly.

Religion's doomed in many countries, say mathematicians

Religion's on its way out in every one of nine countries studied by a team of scientists.

New switch could help build 'quantum internet'

A new switching device could represent a big step towards the creation of quantum networks, say researchers at Northwestern University.

Human DNA discovered in gonorrhea

Scientists have found their first evidence of gene transfer from humans to bacteria  - and, guess what, it's gonorrhea that's the lucky recipient.

'Eyeball' camera is first with zoom facility

Researchers from Northwestern University and the University of Illinois have created the first curvilinear camera, much like the human eye - but with a zoom capability.

New fiber is tougher than Kevlar

Researchers at Northwestern University have nanoengineered a new kind of fiber that they say is tougher than Kevlar.