Planes get infrared defense systems

US defence contractor Northrop Grumman has landed a rather interesting contract to equip a couple of civilian Airbus A319CJ aircraft with a top of the line infrared countermeasures system.

Northrop showcases Triton UAV

The Pentagon is significantly increasing the deployment of unmanned aircraft for wartime missions and peacetime surveillance operations.

Pentagon wants nuclear powered drones

Scientists at Sandia National Laboratories and defense contractor Northrop Grumman have formulated plans for a new generation of nuclear-powered drones.

DARPA eyes next-gen MEMS gyroscope technology

Northrop Grumman and the Georgia Institute of Technology have been tapped to develop a next-gen Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) gyroscope for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Northrop unveils Firebird spy plane

Northrop Grumman has unveiled an advanced intelligence-gathering aircraft system known as "Firebird."

NASA shows off the aircraft of 2025

NASA's released images of three commercial aircraft designs that it says could be appearing in the skies by 2025.

Northrop hunts IEDs with airborne platform

Northrop Grumman recently showcased an airborne surveillance system capable of detecting (simulated) improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

Global Hawk flies through the eye of the storm

NASA pilots have successfully flown an unmanned Global Hawk aircraft through the eye of several hurricanes.

US Army orders hybrid airship for Afghan deployment

The US Army has asked Northrop Grumman to design three hybrid airships that are capable of providing American soldiers with persistent ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) capabilities in Afghanistan.

Upgraded Batplane takes to the skies

Northrop Grumman has successfully flown the first in a new series of Bat unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).