North Korea resorts to Photoshop propaganda

Taking a page out of the Iranian Photoshop propaganda playbook, North Korea has been caught altering images of a military exercise featuring a bunch of landing craft and elite DPRK soldiers storming a snowy beach.

North Korea cans 3G access

Just a month ago, North Korea started offering 3G internet to the few adventurists who chose to visit the hermit kingdom.

China's alleged to be behind Korean hack

South Korean investigators have traced back Wednesday's cyber attack that crippled the country's banking system to Chinese servers. Although Chinese IP addresses were used in the attack, North Korea remains the prime suspect.

North Korea accused of hacking South Korean banks

Computer networks at several South Korean banks and TV broadcasters crashed simultaneously early Wednesday. The attack paralysed ATMs across the country starting at 0520 GMT and they were still down six hours later.

Mobile phones feature in North, South Korean divide

As the tech press gears up to shower Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 with praise, North Korea is threatening to shower the South with a deadly blanket of ancient Soviet artillery and maybe even a pinch of uranium fuelled instant sunshine. 

Pirate Bay says it's moving to North Korea

A statement has appeared on the Pirate Bay website claiming it's moving its servers to North Korea.

Google publishes North Korea map... complete with gulags

It's always nice to have a map to go along with your holiday snaps, and remind you just where that charming temple or prison camp was exactly.

Eric Schmidt and his daughter describe North Korea visit

Like the country itself, Google chairman was initially less than communicative about his recent trip to North Korea. Now, though, both he and his daughter have opened up about what Sophie Schmidt describes as  'The Truman Show, at country scale'.

Well, that'll make all the difference, won't it?

Google chairman Eric Schmidt has reportedly used his time in North Korea this week to explain to the government how beneficial an open internet is.

Google chairman arrives in North Korea on controversial trip

Google chairman Eric Schmidt, along with former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, has arrived in North Korea for the start of a two or three day visit.