Solar goes FTW in North Carolina

Who’s the rising star in U.S. solar? It’s North Carolina. The state isn’t quite challenging California as the U.S. leader for solar development – the hugely populous, sun-splashed Golden State is most likely a permanent fixture at No. 1. But North Carolina appears to be nosing past the likes of Arizona, New Jersey, Nevada and Massachusetts to claim the No. 2 spot.

Male contraception achieved using ultrasound

Modern ultrasound equipment could be used as a male contraceptive, University of North Carolina School of Medicine researchers say.

Many Android phones vulnerable to hackers

North Carolina State University researchers say that many Android phones include apps that can be used by hackers to bypass Android's security features.

'Jell-O' memory device works inside human body

Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a soft, flexible memory device that can  function well in wet environments – perfect for electronic devices designed to work in and with the human body.

Device could revolutionize computer memory

Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a new device that they say represents a big advance for computer memory, making server farms more energy efficient and allowing computers to start more quickly.

Journalism instructor forced to resign over steamy chats

A journalism instructor at the University of North Carolina has been forced to resign after engaging in a scandalous series of online sex chats with a female student.