Dual booting Nook Tablets with Android Jelly Bean

Interested in dual booting your Nook Tablet with Android Jelly Bean?

Nook prices get slashed

Barnes & Noble is cutting the prices of its Nook and Nook Tablet devices.

Barnes and Noble declares eBook price war

Today, Barnes and Noble declared a price war against Amazon's Kindle Fire by substantially reducing the price of the Nook Color, along with their lineup of enhanced 8 and 16GB Nook tablets. 

$199 Nook Tablet jumps into the line of Fire

Barnes & Noble has officially unveiled a new version of its flagship Android tablet, with a price point exactly the same as Amazon's Kindle Fire.

8 GB Nook Tablet reportedly in the works

Barnes & Noble's footprint in the tablet market is about to grow.

B&N may spin off Nook eReader lineup

We all knew the eReader would again be one of the most gifted gadgets of the year during the 2011 holiday season, especially with all the buzz surrounding the Amazon Kindle Fire and Apple's Pad 2.

Nook Tablet ships early

Apparently not wanting to give the Kindle Fire any more of a head start, Barnes & Noble has begun shipping the Nook Tablet 1-2 days ahead of schedule.

Nook Tablet: What Nook Color tried to be

Barnes & Noble has unveiled the latest entry in its growing Nook family, and this one is a direct threat to Amazon's Kindle Fire.