Nokia appoints former Microsoft guy as new CEO, experts worry

Nokia has crowned Stephen Elop, a former Microsoft employee and someone with a strong knowledge of the US software market, as its newest chief executive officer. However, the headlines aren't all hearts and roses for Elop.

Nokia wants to be relevant again with E7 phone

Nokia is preparing for a global media event next week, where it will reportedly unveil a number of new smartphones to compete with Android and the iPhone. The first known device will be called the E7.

Intel and Nokia promise 3D for MeeGo - and holograms too

Intel and Nokia are creating a joint development center at Finland's University of Oulu, aiming to develop 3D and other new interfaces for mobile devices running MeeGo.

Nokia totally buys mobile analytics company Motally

In an effort to find its way back to a solid footing in the US marketplace, Nokia has reportedly acquired a company specializing in mobile research and analysis.

Flagship Nokia Meego N9 phone pics leaked

Nokia's been working on its new Meego platform for a while now, and details about the first device to use it should be coming out any day now, but until then we have to rely on stuff like these photos that were recently leaked.

In-Vehicle Infotainment goes MeeGo

Are you sick and tired of your passive and outdated digital dashboard? Have you ever wanted to customize or replace your traditional in-vehicle entertainment system?

Nokia buys Motorola's networking division for $1.2 billion

Motorola has sold off a good chunk of its mobile equipment unit to Nokia in a deal that will net Motorola a wad of much-needed cash and give Nokia opportunity to expand in the fast-moving mobile environment.

Nokia calls in Russian police over missing smartphone

Nokia has stropped off to the Russian police to try and regain an unreleased smartphone from a blogger that gave it a bad review.

Nokia sells off modem unit for $200 million

Nokia has gutted one of its least profitable divisions, the one that sold wireless modems, as it concentrates on its mobile phone business.

Mobile Wars: Nokia chooses MeeGo over Android

The fast-paced Mobile Wars entered a new phase today as Nokia confirmed that Intel's MeeGo - rather than Google's Android - would power a new generation of tablet devices.

Symbian fanboi converts to Android

The founder of is closing up shop and buying a Nexus One smartphone.

Can Nokia’s MeeGo take on iOS4 and Android?

Nokia is adopting the Linux-powered MeeGo platform for its N-series smartphone lineup in an effort to more effectively compete against Google Android and Apple iOS 4.

Entry-level smartphones address emerging markets

Mobile manufacturers shipped over 55 million smartphones during the first quarter of 2010.
 According to ABI Research, the fastest growth was observed in markets with minimal previous exposure to expensive, cutting-edge smartphones. 

Report: Nokia prepping ARM-powered tablet for Q4 launch

Nokia is reportedly prepping an ARM-powered tablet PC for a fourth quarter launch.

Firefox growth stagnates; Chrome attacks

Internet Explorer keeps declining, and Mozilla needs to keep a watch on the Google at its back.

Pedal power charges Nokia phones

Cyclists are often into renewable energy. It's obviously something Nokia has noticed, which is why it's launched a cellphone charger that draws its energy from the cyclist's pedal power.

Fring launches two-way video calling for Android devices

Fring has enabled free, two-way Internet video calling for Android-based devices. 

Meego is already available on netbooks

The mobile operating system created by Intel and Nokia is going to have a tough time making a splash against Android and iPhone OS, but Meego is now available on netbooks where it stands to make some inroads.

Foxconn suicides "upset" Apple

Apple has expressed concern over a number of recent suicides at Foxconn's southern China factory.

Greenpeace slams Nintendo over poor environmental record

Nokia good - Nintendo bad, says Greenpeace, which has released the latest edition of its Guide to Greener Electronics.