Apple to remain "influential" despite smartphone competition

Apple is expected to remain an "influential" presence in the smartphone market despite increased competition from Android and Windows Phone 7 devices. 

Nokia hits downward spiral as smartphone sales lag

Nokia's quarterly phone sales have plummeted a whopping 20% from just a year ago.

Microsoft envisions $100 Windows Phones

Here's another way Microsoft hopes it can compete in the hyper competitive smartphone race - price.

Nokia leaving Japanese market

Nokia couldn’t overcome the popularity of smartphones in Japan, so they’ve decided to pull out of the Japanese market.

Nokia may outsource Windows Phone manufacturing

A new report suggests a very out-of-the-ordinary move for Nokia.

Here's the very first Windows Phone Nokia phone

During a media event today, Nokia unveiled its first Windows Phone-powered mobile device.

Nokia intros the first, and last, Meego phone

Nokia announced a handful of new phones today, including the first to be powered by its own Meego operating system.

What's inside Nokia's Helsinki HQ?

It seems like almost everyone in Finland has worked for Nokia at one time or another.

Finland adapts to Nokia's Windows Phone choice

Despite Nokia's recent 7,000 employee layoff, there seems to be a lot of love for the mega corporation throughout Finland.

Apple has enough cash to buy out rivals

Apple currently dominates key sectors of the uber-lucrative mobile sphere with its iPad tablet and iPhone handset.

Startup Sauna heats up Finland

"We think beginning a startup is like going in the sauna. You go in naked, you sweat it out, the coaches throw some water on the stones and you come out feeling brand new," said Ville Simola of the Startup Sauna within the Aalto Venture Garage.

Angry Birds to get location-based "Magic"

If you thought Angry Birds was the simplest of all games, think again. Rovio, the software company behind the Angry Birds franchise, is hoping to take the game to the next level with new location-based functionality.

Apple pays up for disputed Nokia patents

After an eighteen-month battle, Apple's finally caved in and agreed to pay Nokia license fees covering two wireless phone patents.

Why IDC, others think Windows Phone can win

Another research group is saying Microsoft's Windows Phone platform will eventually overtake the iPhone.

AT&T is cautiously optimistic about Windows Phone 7

AT&T CEO Ralph De La Vega admits Windows Phone 7 sales have been slow, but remains cautiously optimistic about the future of the Nokia-backed platform.

Russia believes Nokia Windows Phone will come this year

If you want to be the first to grab a Nokia-branded Windows Phone-powered phone, you may want to head to Russia.

Microsoft challenges Apple's 'App Store' trademark in Europe

Microsoft, HTC, Nokia and Sony Ericsson have followed the lead of Amazon in challenging Apple's right to trademark the terms 'App Store' and 'Appstore' in Europe.

Major Windows Phone announcement coming this month

It looks like Windows Phone 7 may be getting a huge update on May 24.

Nokia maintains top spot in worldwide mobile phone shipments

IDC has released its quarterly mobile phone shipments statistics, confirming that Nokia is holding the top spot worldwide, although losing some traction in Western Europe to Samsung.

Nokia not interested in making an ordinary tablet

It seems like everyone's in on the tablet wars these days.