Microsoft eases Mango hardware requirements

In an effort to drum up more enthusiasm from manufacturers about the latest version of Windows Phone, Microsoft has relaxed the requirements for licensing the software.

Nokia teases 'flexible' phone in 3 years

Nokia says its long-time smartphone concept of having a "flexible" hardware and display could be realized in just three years.

Nokia turns prosthetic arm into smartphone dock

Nokia engineers have helped a 50-year-old British man transform his prosthetic arm into a mobile docking station.

Nokia officially unveils Windows Phone handset

After months of build-up and several leaked details about Nokia's plan to switch to Microsoft's Windows Phone platform, the company has finally revealed what all the hype has been about.

Vuzix and Nokia clinch near-eye display deal

Vuzix and Nokia have clinched a potentially lucrative agreement to develop and manufacture see-through waveguide optics for use in near-eye display (NED) systems such as head mounted displays and video eyewear.

Somehow, Nokia posts better-than-expected quarter

Although Nokia's most recent quarter earnings report is far from enviable, it did manage to post numbers that were better than what analysts had been predicting.

Autofocus could appear in Apple and Nokia phones

The developers of the world’s smallest autofocus lens for mobile devices say Apple and Nokia are considering introducing it.

Newest Nokia Windows Phone is the Sun

We're hearing word of what could be the fourth Nokia smartphone to be powered by Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system.

Report: Nokia Ace is latest Windows Phone

The latest speculation surrounding Nokia's still-newly-minted partnership with Microsoft pegs a new phone called the Ace to be released in early 2012.

Nokia finally ships N9, with no fanfare

The phone that, in its wildest dreams, would have brought Nokia back to the forefront of the mobile race, is finally ready to be shipped.

Ballmer acknowledges lackluster WP7 sales

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer acknowledges that sales of Redmond's rapidly evolving Windows Phone 7 have been somewhat lackluster thus far.

Samsung's Windows Phone loyalty in question

The latest mobile scuttlebutt suggests that Samsung will stop supporting Windows Phone if things don't change soon

2011 iPhone shipments will nearly double 2010

Apple is poised to show enormous growth in the number of iPhones it ships to market by the end of the calendar year.

On MeeGo and OS/2 Warp

A new report claims Intel is poised to "temporarily discontinue" development of its nascent MeeGo operating system due to a lack of enthusiasm from handset and tablet vendors.

Nokia shuts down developer forum after hack

Nokia's warning developers that its developer discussion forum has been hacked, and has closed the site down.

Nokia launches three new NFC, Symbian phones

Nokia still hasn't completely given up on Symbian.

webOS devs jump ship to Windows Phone 7

Devs jumping off the sinking webOS ship are hoping Microsoft can throw them a Windows Phone 7 life-preserver. 

Nokia banks entire company on Windows Phone

If the Windows Phone move doesn't end up working out, Nokia says it's pretty much over.

Motorola interested in Windows Phone deal

Motorola seems almost a bit jealous of Nokia's sweetheart Windows Phone deal with Microsoft.

Is Nokia's pain Apple's gain?

Apple has managed to clinch the number one position in the Q2 global smartphone market as Nokia's shipments declined to 16.7 million units, down from 24.2 million in the previous quarter.