Next-gen Nokioa phones may pack NFC, wireless charging

In many parts of the world, Nokia sells more mobile phones than any other competitor, even if those devices are in the low-end and medium-range of the market.

Apple jumps to third place in global mobile market

It's certainly not news that Apple is doing well in the US, or in the worldwide smartphone market, but now it's making a significant mark on the entire global handset industry.

Nokia still top mobile phone maker

Despite all the major setbacks and negative publicity Nokia has faced over the last year or so, it is still actually the #1 manufacturer of cell phones.

Nokia loses a bunch of money, but could be worse

Nokia posted its fourth quarter numbers today, and although it lost a staggering €1.07 billion ($1.38 billion), it could have been much worse.

Nokia claims 45% of new Windows Phone market

The Nokia-Windows Phone partnership appears to be working pretty well so far.

Walmart offers the Lumia 710 for free

Nokia's goal with the Lumia 710 is to establish it as the smartphone for consumers on a budget.

Nokia Lumia 900 coming in March to AT&T

The second Windows Phone-powered Nokia phone to launch in the US will be coming to AT&T.

Nokia's first Windows Phone launches in US

The Nokia Lumia 710, powered by T-Mobile, launches today in the US.

Nokia Collection invades WP Marketplace

Nokia wants to set itself apart not only as a Windows Phone manufacturer, but a software maker as well.

Tech titans reportedly mull RIM bids

There have apparently been a few major companies that have voiced interest in acquiring fledgling Blackberry maker Research in Motion.

Windows Phone-powered Nokia phone to debut on T-Mobile

T-Mobile is finally back in the spotlight again as the flagship carrier to offer a Windows Phone-powered Nokia handset in the US.

Nokia exec's misguided opinions about iPhone, Android

A new interview with a high-ranking Nokia executive shows the company is either out of touch with the smartphone competition or just hitting the PR spin button a little too hard.

Nokia to debut first US Windows Phone tonight

After gaining a good deal of traction in Europe, Nokia is now ready to unveil its flagship Windows Phone-powered product to the States.

Are kids fed up with their iPhones?

Nokia apparently believes kids are fed up with Apple's wildly popular iPhone. If you ask me, this controversial claim is incredibly reminiscent of Steve Ballmer insisting the iPhone would have no real chance of succeeding in the mobile market.

T-Mobile, Nokia plan joint event next week

Invitations have been sent out for an event in New York City, promising that "T-Mobile and Nokia have something exciting in the works."

Windows Phone on downward spiral

Ahead of a major new move with Nokia, Microsoft's mobile platform is not heading in the direction it wants to be.

Analyst downplays Nokia WP7 expectations

A Pacific Crest Securities analyst has slashed an earlier forecast for Nokia Windows Phone 7 sales from two million to a mere 500,000 units this quarter. 

China is now leading smartphone market

There are now more smartphones being shipped to China than any other country.

Nokia will make a Windows 8 tablet

The new relationship between Nokia and Microsoft looks like it will extend beyond Windows Phone.

Q3 smartphone sales jump 42%

While the mobile phone industry saw only a tepid growth of 5.6% in the most recent quarter, the number of people buying smartphones is rapidly on the rise.