Nokia takes on Spotify with premium music service

Nokia's launched an extension to the company's free Mix Radio service, offering unlimited downloads for less than half the price of Spotify.

Nokia buoyed by Windows Phone 8 Lumia smartphones

Nokia has published its fourth-quarter financial results which were buoyed by better-than-expected mobile sales and exceeded industry expectations.

RIM to pay out for Nokia patents

RIM has cleared one obstacle out of its way, settling its patent dispute with Nokia for an undisclosed sum and ongoing royalties.

Samsung beats Nokia as top cellphone brand

After 14 years as the world's best-selling phone brand, Nokia has finally slipped from the top spot. Samsung's taken over, with its market share hitting 29 percent, up from 24 percent last year.

Apple loses iPhone patent case

Patent-licensing firm MobileMedia Ideas has won a case against Apple alleging that Apple infringed three of its patents - and says it's hopeful of winning against RIM and HTC too.

Nokia engineer shows how to hack Windows 8 games

A Nokia engineer has published a series of simple steps that allow users to hack Windows 8 games for free in-app purchases.

RIM faces ban on BlackBerry sales

BlackBerry maker RIM has not only lost its patent case against Nokia - it's been found guilty of failing to stick to a cross-licensing agreement between the two companies and may face a block on sales as a result.

Is Nokia's 920 the most innovative smartphone?

Nokia's 920 Windows 8 Phone may be the best handset currently on the  market, at least in terms of features. 

Nokia takes on Apple with mapping application

Nokia has announced plans to buy California-based 3D imaging company Earthmine as part of a plan to boost its mapping services.

Microsoft touts Windows Phone 8

Microsoft - in a major effort to improve its flagging mobile market share - today unveiled the latest iteration of its Windows Phone software. 

Verizon grabs Lumia 822 exclusivity

Nokia has partnered with Verizon to become the exclusive carrier of its most recently announced smartphone, the Lumia 822.

Nokia reveals Lumia 510, a basic smartphone

The latest entry in Nokia's brand-redifining Lumia brand has been introduced.

Smartphones: one billion served

There are now more than one billion smartphone users across the globe.

Apple now second most powerful brand, behind Coke

Not that it should surprise anyone, but Apple is now officially ranked as the second most powerful brand in the world.

The problem with Nokia

Yesterday Nokia rolled out its 920 and 820 smartphones. The problem? They are too dissimilar from the iPhones and Android handsets currently on the market. 

Nokia introduces Windows Phone 8 phones

The next iteration of Windows Phone is here.

Nokia launches music streaming service

Nokia Music has just gone live in the US.

Nokia Lumia 920 specs get detailed

Microsoft and Nokia are slated to debut the latest Lumia 920 handset on September 5. 

Nokia further teases Windows Phone 8 event

Nokia has posted what it hopes will become a viral video, ahead of the launch of Windows Phone 8.

In-Location Alliance promises better indoor mapping

Indoor location services have today received a big boost with the announcement of an industry consortium aimed at promoting them.