Video: Nissan DeltaWing burns rubber

If the Caped Crusader turned from fighting crime to a life of auto racing, the Nissan DeltaWing would undoubtedly be his vehicle of choice.

Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf sales dip in January

GM and Nissan have published their respective January (2012) sales figures for the green Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf.

EV batteries head to energy storage frontier

With the thousands of minds and millions of dollars put into developing electric vehicle car batteries, it makes sense that companies are starting to "think outside the car."

Nissan sells 10,000 Leaf EVs (in the US)

Green is really in style with drivers all around the world right now. Many are moving to green vehicles like full EVs and hybrids to save at the pump and reduce pollution. 

Infiniti teases uber-secret electric sports car

Months ahead of the Geneva Auto Show in March, Japanese automaker Infiniti is teasing a concept model so advanced it doesn't even have a name yet. 

Nissan brings car-scratching solvent to iPhone

A new iPhone 4/iPhone 4S protective case has been released from an unlikely manufacturer.

Nissan wants to electrify commercial vans

Nissan already has the Leaf, and now the company is moving forward on electrifying the compact commercial vehicle market.

Nissan debuts futuristic ESFLOW electric sports car

Kind of like clothes straight from the runway, concept cars represent the haute couture of luxury vehicles. Unattainable, but still awesome. Today, Nissan announced the ESFLOW, a futuristic sports car that runs on "green" electric power.

Why I don’t like the Mac and Loved the Nissan GT-R

I can like and respect Apple but I’ve never personally been attracted to Apple products.

Nissan pushes mainstream with $32,000 electric car

In the boldest move yet for the electric car industry, Nissan is set to offer the Leaf at under $33,000, bringing the final price to consumers to around $25,000 after a federal tax credit.