Is Nissan's Leaf the greenest of them all?

What is the most environmentally friendly car in America? That is a question that is open to a huge debate, depending upon how many different factors you consider.

Nissan prices 2014 Leaf models

issan this week announced pricing for the American edition of its 2014 all-electric Leaf. The car, which will be available in three trim levels, set all time sales records last year and its expected to have a repeat performance for this go around.

Nissan Leaf as a building power source?

Nissan is looking to showcase exactly how it is possible to power environments with the energy coming off of one of its all-electric Leaf cars.

Nissan BladeGlider is one sexy concept car

For those who feel the all-electric Nissan Leaf is a car they wouldn’t be caught dead in because it looks too geeky, the automaker seems to have heard you in some round about fashion. Its answer to this was unveiled ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show in the form of the eye bulging BladeGlider concept.

Nissan details 2014 Pathfinder Hybrid

Nissan has released pricing, fuel economy and hybrid system information for its newest hybrid the 2014 Pathfinder Hybrid. We will detail the basics of the first two, but include for you full detailed information from the Japanese automaker on what makes the hybrid drivetrain in this SUV tick.

Nissan turns (legal) robotic street driving into a reality

Autonomous driving, whether or not you like it, is coming. Not tomorrow, and perhaps not in three years as Tesla Motors hopes. But it will be here, perhaps as early as the end of this decade.

Nissan Autonomous Cars Coming To Showrooms By 2020

When it comes to high-tech features, Nissan's achievements are often overshadowed by those from other automakers. But Nissan has been working long and hard to make its cars safer and more efficient. The best example of that is probably the all-electric Leaf, but the company has also debuted a ...

Tesla: As Disruptive To U.S. Car Market As Toyota, Nissan Were?

In its decade of existence, electric-car startup Tesla has accomplished many things the auto industry didn\\'t think it could do.But could Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] be as disruptive to the existing industry as were Toyota and Nissan, the two largest Japanese car importers during the Sixties, Seventies, and Eighties?That\\'s ...

Nissan's ZEOD-RC is the fastest electric racing car

Nissan is looking to be dominant not only in the consumer electric vehicle space, but also on the race tracks. It is gunning to win at the Le Mans 24 Hours next year and beat the likes of Drayson Racing Technologies. To do this it will have to bring along a wicked fast electric car, and it may just have that in the newly unveiled ZEOD RC.

Nissan preps for Electric Microvan road test

The Nissan e-NV200 is a pure-electric version of the gas-powered NV200 microvan. The automaker has just announced it will start field tests of its e-van this month in Saitama City (Saitama Prefecture) in Japan.

West Coast drivers accelerate Leaf EV adoption

Those shrinking sticker prices on the Nissan Leaf appear to be having the intended effect – on the West Coast, especially.

Nissan showcases new Friend-Me hybrid vehicle

240 million Chinese born in the 1980s, known as the “Bālínghòu,” are a tempting audience for an automotive company to target, especially with a green vehicle design idea. Nissan has done just this, showcasing in Shanghai recently its Friend-Me concept hybrid.

2014 Infiniti QX60 hybrid gets official in New York

Infiniti, as previously discussed, introduced the hybrid trim of its QX crossover at this year’s New York Auto Show.

Nissan Resonance is a sleek hybrid concept

Nissan recently unveiled a sleek crossover design concept sporting a hybrid electric drivetrain option.

Nissan Leaf wants to dominate the green car space

As the all-electric Nissan Leaf celebrates two years of sales, its manufacturer is gearing up to kick off additional green car development as it tries to wrestle market share away from the likes of GM and Toyota.

Nissan TeRRA SUV a fuel cell future ride

With the 2012 Paris Motor Show coming up at the end of September, automakers have begun to tease the new vehicles and concepts they'll be showcasing at the event. 

Electric cars: How much does size matter?

With rave reviews for its new sedan and visitors to its small collection of flagship stores numbering in the millions, Tesla Motors is riding high.

This Nissan Leaf charger powers homes

Electric vehicles typically slurp power from home electrical systems and the grid.

Nissan hit with major cyber attack

Nissan has confirmed that it recently suffered a major cyber attack. As of now, the car manufacturer isn't certain who executed the operation or what information may have been extracted.

Chevy Volt sales surge as car remains political piñata

Good thing GM is planning to start building Chevy Volts again soon - March saw 2,289 of the cars sold, by far the biggest month ever for the plug-in electric, the company reported.