Hulu Plus coming to Wii and 3DS

Gamers will soon be able to watch thousands of TV episodes on their Nintendo gadgets, including many the day after they are live on the air.

Report: Xbox 720 to launch in 2013

Microsoft, along with its industry partners, is reportedly eyeing a 2013 launch for its next-gen Xbox.

Nintendo DS tops 50 million units sold in US

The Nintendo DS is the best-selling video game system of all time in the US, recently passing the milestone-worthy sales tally of 50 million units.

Wii U slammed as 'not a next-gen console'

Influential analyst Michael Pachter has added his voice to the growing list of disses associated with the Wii U.

Long Islanders, Texans spend most on gaming

An intriguing new study looked at where the most per capita video game spending took place, and ended up with some surprising results.

Nintendo brings on Dreamworks for 3DS video

Nintendo has managed to recruit one of the most prolific providers of 3D movies to bring content to its struggling 3DS system.

Future of print video game magazines looks bleak

The next time you see Nintendo Power or The Official Xbox Magazine at a newsstand, don't take it for granted.

Nintendo sponsors 3D photo exhibit in France

Nintendo is trying to prove that its 3DS handheld is more than just a game machine.

Wii U game Super Smash Bros Universe leaked

It looks like the next game in Nintendo's highly successful Super Smash Bros series will be called Super Smash Bros Universe.

Free Zelda game on 3DS for limited time

Nintendo is offering a free downloadable Zelda game to anyone who has a 3DS.

New 3DS games on the way, but Kid Icarus faces delay

Nintendo is promising 3D video capture for its 3DS handheld, and has announced a slew of new games.

3DS price drop spurs huge sales rebound

Sales of Nintendo's 3DS handheld system jumped 260% after the company's unprecedented $80 price drop, but there's still a long way to go.

Nintendo plans major 3DS announcement for 9/13

Nintendo has sent out invitations for a special event in a little over one week, and it looks like the company will be announcing a new version of the 3DS.

EA praises PS Vita over Nintendo 3DS

While Nintendo's DS handheld absolutely trounced Sony's PSP rival, EA exec Frank Gibeau sees a reversal of fortune in the next battle between the two companies.

Sony doles backhanded insult to Nintendo 3DS

The lack of success for Nintendo's 3DS system may mean jeopardy for Sony's 3D gaming efforts, but apparently Sony has a justification for that.

Rumor: Radical changes coming to Nintendo 3DS

After what was by all accounts a completely fumbled product launch, Nintendo is working fervently to save the fate of its 3DS handheld.

Newer, cheaper Wii loses Gamecube support

After nearly five years of keeping everything under the hood of the Wii exactly the same, Nintendo is set to launch a new version of its home console system.

Investors pressure Nintendo to go to iPhone

It may be time for Nintendo to finally branch away from its own proprietary hardware.

New red 3DS launches next month

In a bid to invigorate sales, Nintendo will release a new-color version of its 3DS handheld on September 9.

EA unfazed by Wii U specs

Although a number of journalists and analysts have expressed trepidation over the Wii U's lack of raw horsepower, Electronic Arts (EA) COO Pete Moore isn't at all concerned over the next-gen console's spec sheet.