Report: Wii U will have its own 'app store'

It looks like Nintendo might be taking at least a small step into the direction of the rest of the industry.

Playstation Vita not even close to 3DS sales

Even though it's the new kid on the block in Japan, the Playstation Vita is still being outsold by a margin of six to one.

Nintendo finds a way to patch Wii Zelda game

Nintendo has managed to find a way to fix the latest Zelda game for the Wii, even though the console's limitations prevent standard patch downloads like this.

Wii U will be at CES, but will there be news?

Nintendo will get a second shot at capturing attention with the Wii U when it presents the device at the largest trade show in the world next month.

Ridiculous prediction pegs $600 Wii U price

The Wii U has received a pre-order price for the first time, and all we can say is we hope this isn't the real price.

3DS Circle Pad accessory to launch Feb 7

The accessory that will add a second joystick controller to the 3DS will be making its way to the US in less than two months.

Nintendo strikes free Wi-Fi hotspot deal for 3DS

Your 3DS might not have mobile data connectivity like your friend's iPhone, but Nintendo is trying to make on-the-go Internet a bit more accessible for its portable gamers.

Nintendo vehemently denies Miyamoto retiring report

Nintendo has swiftly and unequivocally responded to a report that quoted Shigeru Miyamoto, one of its most influential employees, saying he wanted to step down.

3DS can now record 3D video

Nintendo has rolled out a firmware update for the 3DS right in time for the big holiday season.

Rumor: Wii U has 3 GHz, quad-core processor

It looks like Nintendo is finally starting to come to terms with the reality of video game technology.

New Zelda title has game-crippling bug

This is something you don't see every day - the biggest new Nintendo game has a fatal error in its coding.

3DS firmware update delayed

An update to the 3DS that had been scheduled for this week and will bring significant changes to the device, has been delayed to December 8.

Wii, iPad among Black Friday winners

There was certainly no shortage of competition for last week's huge Black Friday sales, but it looks like Nintendo and Apple are happier than many others.

Nintendo blasts DLC, says 3DS is different

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime is blasting game makers who use downloadable content (DLC) as a way to nickel-and-dime gamers for material that should have been included in the game upfront.

PETA clarifies its Mario outrage

After sparking a world of criticism for calling the new Mario game a symbol of animal cruelty, PETA is now saying it was just a joke.

Mario faces raccoon cruelty claims

Yes, believe it or not this story is actually for real.

Nintendo to transform Times Square into Mario Land

You know something big is happening when a company pours out the massive dollars required to decorate Times Square for an entire day.

Nintendo says it "intentionally" delayed 3DS games

 Nintendo president Satoru Iwata is trying to save face after a poor showing for the 3DS has put the company's long-standing portable gaming crown at jeopardy.

Nintendo to post first annual loss in 30 years

For the first time in three decades, Nintendo will have spent more money than it earned during the year and post a net annual loss, the company has predicted.

Nintendo trademark points to 3DS add-on

Nintendo has trademarked the name "Circle Pad Pro," likely to be what it calls a 3DS extension that gives more flexibility to gameplay control.