Mario Kart 7 3DS glitch finally patched

After months, Mario Kart online players will finally be able to play fairly.

Report: Wii U will be connected to the cloud

According to a new report, you'll be able to save your Wii U save files and profiles to the cloud.

Vintage 1992 Game Boy watch goes up for auction

Check out this awesome watch.

Nintendo: no apologies for 3DS virtual console content

Nintendo admits there is a lack of content on the 3DS Virtual Console platform.

Star Fox title rumored for Wii U

It's being reported that Nintendo is hard at work creating a new entry in the Star Fox franchise for its upcoming Wii U console.

Spike TV partners with Microsoft for E3 coverage

Spike TV's coverage of E3 2012 next month will begin with a 90-minuted commercial-free presentation of Microsoft's media briefing.

3DS integration may be key part of Wii U strategy

The ability to connect a 3DS to Nintendo's upcoming console might give Nintendo an edge in the console wars.

Nintendo shifts to digital download strategy

Nintendo is apparently really gunning for a digital download strategy to cut back on inventory costs.

Square Enix bringing Dragon Quest online

Get ready for one of the most ambitious games ever built for the Wii.

3DS firmware update fundamentally changes online infrastructure

The 3DS just gained the ability to do something other game systems have been doing for years.

First ever loss for Nintendo as Wii sales falter

Nintendo's posted its first ever annual loss, following disappointing sales of the Wii and price cuts for both the Wii and the 3DS.

New Super Mario Bros 2 coming to 3DS, not Wii

The first sequel in the New Super Mario Bros franchise will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS.

Kirby compilation coming to Wii

Did you know that Kirby is celebrating his 20th birthday?

New 3DS firmware update on the way

Nintendo is preparing a new upgrade to its 3DS gaming system.

E3 2012 to play host to new Mario game

If you're ready for more plumbing platforming, then get set for Nintendo's Wii U console.

Nintendo registers Super Mario 4 website

Nintendo has registered the domain name

Nintendo 3DS goes to the Louvre

Nintendo's portable 3D system is finding an unlikely new home.

Wii U rumored to have heavy markup

Nintendo is once again flying against the traditional console mold and hopes to make a tidy profit on every Wii U sold.

Ubisoft wants to be #1 Wii U publisher

Publisher Ubisoft wants to be the biggest third-party name on Nintendo's upcoming console.

Apple designs a game controller

Apple is reportedly designing a physical game controller that could eventually be sold alongside its mobile lineup of iOS devices.