EA says 3D gaming has no traction

I'll absolutely admit that when 3D TVs first hit the market I was very excited about the idea of watching movies and playing games in the resurrected format.

3DS XL now available in US

The Nintendo 3DS XL has launched in North America.

Nintendo slammed for conflict mineral negligence

Nintendo has made no effort whatsoever to avoid the use of conflict minerals, a campaign group has claimed.

Is the Wii U Gamepad a "tablet"?

Is it disingenuous to call Nintendo's new touchscreen controller the same thing that we call iPads and Nexus 7s?

EA teases FIFA 13 and Madden 13 for Wii U

There are probably many gamers out there - like me - who purchased a Nintendo Wii and then became bored with the console after a few short weeks.

Do raw Wii U specs really matter?

Over the years, Nintendo has made some rather silly statements about its gaming consoles, at least in my humble opinion.

John Romero less than optimistic about Ouya

Despite lingering concerns about its long-term viability, the Android-powered Ouya console has thus far raised $5,759,975 on KickStarter. 

Wii U price expected in September

It's believed that Nintendo will finally announce the price of the Wii U in September.

Nintendo superfan buys $12,000 cartridge

There are some people who have too much money lying around, and there are some gamers who are too fanatical for their own good.

Pachter sees doom for Wii U

Outspoken Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter doesn't think the Wii U will succeed.

Gamers will have unified accounts for 3DS/Wii U

Nintendo is aiming to bring cohesion to its online gaming strategy.

Nintendo admits 3DS faces US problems

Nintendo says that its newest handheld is a success in Japan, but can't say the same about other regions.

Wii U likely to offer premium online service

Nintendo won't charge money to play games online on the Wii U, but it will probably charge you for other services.

Wii U online services will be free

You won't have to pay anything to take your games online with Nintendo's newest console.

Nintendo hires digital content expert

Nintendo is accepting the future of video games.

Nintendo - disregard Wii U pre-order prices

Nintendo is making it difficult for retailers to generate Wii U buzz.

Nintendo head says gamers want too much

Nintendo of America's president has an interesting response to people who weren't impressed by its E3 showing.

Will Wii U be best platform for Black Ops 2?

Nintendo wants you to think of two syllables when the next Call of Duty game drops - Wii U.

Miiverse will be divorced from other social networks

Not exactly known for its open connectivity, Nintendo will not tie its Wii U online service to Facebook.

New 3DS has 4.9-inch screen

Nintendo's launching a new version of its 3DS handheld with a screen almost twice the size of its predecessor.