Sony not threatened by Wii U

Sony admits that the Wii U will be a hot seller this holiday season, but it won't detract from PS3 sales.

Miyamoto working on Wii U titles

Nintendo visionary Shigeru Miyamoto and fan favorite Retro Studios are hard at work on top-of-the-line Wii U games.

23 games at launch for Nintendo’s Wii U

The launch of Nintendo’s long-awaited Wii U console will be accompanied by 23 games - four of which are slated to be published by the Japanese-based corporation itself.

Wii will not be killed by Wii U: Nintendo

Nintendo is pledging continued support for the Wii even after its successor hits store shelves.

Gamestop stops Wii U pre-orders

If you didn't get your Wii U pre-order in at Gamestop by now, you'll have to look elsewhere.

Nintendo teases Wii U Gamecube downloads

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime likes the idea of downloading Gamecube games on the Wii U.

3DS XL Circle Pad becomes official

The Circle Pad attachment for the 3DS XL has been confirmed.

Nintendo strikes Unity Engine Wii U deal

Nintendo's upcoming console will support the nascent Unity Engine programming platform.

Wii U pre-orders sell out, pop up on Ebay

How many people do you think pre-ordered a Wii U even though they never have any intention of playing with a Wii U?

Analyst predicts slow Wii U adoption

The first 14 months of the Wii U is expected to be disappointing compared to Wii hardware sales.

Analyst sees Wii U price cuts

Nintendo rolled out its long-awaited Wii U console yesterday, with a white Basic priced at $299 and a black Premium weighing in at $349.

Wii U will launch on November 18 at $300

The rumors were true - Nintendo's Wii U console will launch in the US on November 18.

Nintendo reveals details of Wii U

Nintendo's announced pricing and availability for the Wii U console in Japan. Details on the international release can be found here.

Nintendo president convinced Wii U will succeed

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata doesn't think the video game industry has undergone a radical shift.

New ZombiU trailer goes live

A new trailer has been revealed for the gritty undead adventure heading out for Nintendo's new console.

GameStop eyes the classics

We recently ran a story about how games are becoming more realistic than ever with today's technology, but I'm not sure this is such a good thing. 

Nintendo dominates Japanese market

As the entire world gears up for the launch of the Wii U, there's one market that is still content with current Nintendo offerings.

Wii U launch date potentially leaked

A launch date of November 18 has surfaced for Nintendo's new gaming console.

Sonic dev pleased with Wii U

At least one developer was surprisingly pleased with the ease of developing for Nintendo's new platform.

Wii U price may be revealed Sep 13

Nintendo is holding a special media event on September 13.