PSP continues to outsell 3DS in Japan

It wasn't just a one-week fluke. The 3DS has been surpassed by Sony's PSP yet again.

Rumor: Wii 2 will be HD, revealed at E3

A new report is giving us, for the first time, a substantive reason to believe Nintendo will in fact introduce a new console in June.

US 3DS sold nearly 440,000 in first week

While it may not have been the most amazing product launch ever, Nintendo's new 3DS held its own.

Report: Wii will be cut to $150 next month

After sitting at the $200 price point for years, it looks like the Wii will be climbing down to $150.

Delayed Pokemon Global Link going live April 13

A hotly anticipated online Pokemon feature that was delayed due to the Japan earthquake will be available tomorrow.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D is 3DS's first million-seller

Arguably the most prominent launch title for the Nintendo 3DS has reached one million units in sales.

Playstation boss slaps Nintendo in the face

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Jack Tretton says it's over for the Wii, and the DS is for kids only.

Nintendo emphasizes 3DS is an "entertainment device"

After years of consistently telling consumers that it focused exclusively on making games, Nintendo is saying that its latest device is about more than just games.

Report: UK retailer inflates used 3DS inventory

In order to drive 3DS headlines away from its competitors, a major video game retailer is reportedly pulling shenanigans.

3Ds users report 'black screen of death'

Users on several games forums are complaining that their shiny new Nintendo 3DSs are experiencing repeated, sudden crashes.

3DS to be more flexible with firmware upgrades

Nintendo has plans for the 3DS that won't be evident when it comes out, but even early adopters will still be able to enjoy further down the road.

Nintendo planning party in NYC for 3DS launch

If you live in or are planning to visit the New York City area this weekend, Nintendo wants you to know that Union Square will be the hottest spot in all of Manhattan.

Nintendo launches first North American 3DS commercial

How do you create a 2D ad for a product that's all about 3D content?

Rumor reveals Nintendo's Wii 2 plans

The biggest video game trade show of the year is still a few months away, but if an emerging rumor proves to be true, we already know what the biggest news of the show will be.

3DS to get Netflix support, no 3D movies yet

As part of a keynote speech at this year's Game Developers Conference, Nintendo of America president Reginald Fils-Aime announced that the upcoming 3DS handheld system will be getting a downloadable Netflix app in the summer.

3DS launches in Japan, already hacked

Nintendo's anticipated new 3DS handheld - the first new portable Nintendo platform since 2004 - finally went on sale in Japan on Friday, but the news continued over the weekend as someone posted a Youtube video showing the system being hacked.

Nintendo reveals game line-up for 3DS launch

Gamers who have been curious about what games will be available for Nintendo's new 3DS handheld system when it goes on sale next month can stop wondering, as the official "launch game" list is here.

Police arrest man over Nintendo extortion

Spanish police have arrested a hacker who attempted to blackmail Nintendo over stolen customer information.

Pachter talks Wii 2

After years of no new video game hardware, 2011 is turning into a big year with the 3DS and Sony's NGP. And eyes are beginning to look to the Wii, which vitally needs an upgrade. But will it be too little too late?

Delusional Nintendo believes video game piracy is dying

A video game trade group recently published a report saying four games are pirated for every one that's sold, and Sony has a veritable task force working to combat what it feels is the continued increase in video game privacy.