Nintendo to launch Wii U without TVII

Nintendo has confirmed that its next-gen Wii U console will launch without the TVii feature.

Retro Chrono Trigger goes live for Android gamers

Chrono Trigger goes live for Android retro gamers.

Man in line for Wii U forced to evacuate

The massive storm that is ravaging the East Coast has forced the very first man in line for a Wii U to leave.

EA has no desire to bring Origin to Wii U

Although EA's PC digital download platform is branching out to other channels, Wii U will not be one of them.

Trailer teases more New Super Mario Bros 2 DLC

A new trailer has arrived to preview the next installment of downloadable content (DLC) for New Super Mario Bros 2.

Nintendo will lose money on every Wii U

If you think the Wii U is expensive at $300, it's actually more expensive for Nintendo to make one.

Capcom wants "unique" Wii U Resident Evil game

Capcom sees the potential for an innovative Resident Evil experience on the Wii U.

Gamestop to sell Wii U games starting 11/5

Keeping in line with a newly developing trend, some Wii U games are set to go on sale before the Wii U console itself.

Ubisoft calls Wii U "surprisingly powerful"

Ubisoft has provided Nintendo's newest console a big compliment, if a bit backhanded.

Are video game stores becoming irrelevant?

An untold number of book and record stores have been shuttered over the past few years. Thankfully, there are still plenty of places to buy video games.

Wii U voice chat is overly complex

Nintendo's new console will have the ability to chat online with other gamers, but it's kind of a muddled process.

Nintendo responds to latest Foxconn outrage

Nintendo has released a statement on the latest controversy with overseas manufacturing supplier Foxconn.

Wii U Pro controller will not work with Wii games

The Wii U will be able to playback original Wii games, but you won't be able to use the new console's "Pro" controller to play them.

Walmart offers another way to get Wii U on launch day

If you didn't get your Wii U pre-order in yet, Walmart may have your ticket.

Wii U controller gains early praise

The Wii U's touchscreen controller functions just as it should.

Wii goes to $130 ahead of Wii U launch

The Wii is now cheaper than the price of three Wii games.

Super Mario Bros Wii U game is not 1080p

Mario's first venture on a high-def console will not be taking the console's capabilities to the limit.

Report: Fire ignites at Wii U factory

It is being reported that a fire broke out at one of Nintendo's Wii U production facilities.

Wii U demo stations show up in NYC

Nintendo has installed kiosks at its flagship store in New York City to give gamers a hands-on feel of the new touchscreen controller.

New Super Mario Bros 2 DLC comes 10/4

It is truly a new age in the world of Nintendo gaming. In just a matter of a couple weeks, a new Mario game is getting additional content that users can download directly from their portable game system.