The impact of Microsoft's Xbox One

As we reported yesterday, Microsoft finally debuted it's long-awaited Xbox One after a 360 console cycle that was nearly a decade long. Specs and additional information can be found here, although in this article we will examine the impact the One is expected to have on consoles and the gaming world in general, courtesy of analysts at DFC Intelligence.

Report: Nintendo mods Wii U to support smartphone games

Nintendo's Wii U has proven somewhat of a disappointment in terms of sales. Indeed, even a recent price cut by the gaming giant failed to generate strong sales.

Report: Hackers jack Nintendo's Wii U

A team of hackers who previously managed to design a custom chip that circumvented security protocols on Nintendo's Wii console say they have created a similar key for the recently launched Wii U.

Video: Homebrew channel takes on the Nintendo Wii U

A well-known homebrew channel has been updated to work with Nintendo's recently launched Wii U console.

Nintendo Wii U app spices up Google Street View

Like most systems today, Nintendo's Wii U is designed to do more than simply play games.

Gaming bounces back in 2012

Even if you don’t typically follow gaming, you are probably very well aware that both CoD: Black Ops II and Halo 4 had huge debuts.

Network IDs shackled to a single Nintendo Wii U console

Shackling network IDs to a single Nitendo Wii U console doesn't seem to make all that much sense.

Report: Wii U consoles bricked after failed launch day update

A number of Nintendo Wii U owners are reporting some serious issues with their new consoles related to  a 5GB launch day update.  

Analyst says new consoles needed STAT

The industry can no longer afford to wait for the next generation of consoles.

Report: Sony ready to kick off PS4 production

Sony will reportedly begin production of its next-gen PlayStation 4 console by the end of 2011.