Trailer teases more New Super Mario Bros 2 DLC

A new trailer has arrived to preview the next installment of downloadable content (DLC) for New Super Mario Bros 2.

3D isn’t an eye-popping success for Nintendo

3D gaming is not proving to be the stand-out success Nintendo was hoping for on its handheld 3DS game console.

Microsoft remains unimpressed with handheld consoles

Although both Nintendo and Sony continue to invest in the handheld gaming market alongside their Wii and PlayStation consoles, Microsoft appears reluctant, if not completely uninterested in joining the game.

Video: This modded iPad does 3D

A Taiwanese-based company has modded a first-gen iPad with a 3D-enabled display. 

Your virtual girlfriend wants to meet Mom & Dad

If you’re convinced your virtual girlfriend is "the one," well then, perhaps it’s time to take your relationship to the next level and introduce her to your friends and family. 

Nintendo acknowledges lackluster 3DS sales

Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata acknowledges that sales of the company's 3DS handheld console have been rather lackluster in recent weeks.

Nintendo takes draconian steps to curtail 3DS "piracy"

Nintendo is reportedly taking a number of draconian steps to discourage the distribution of unauthorized or altered 3DS games.

Would you spend $250 on a Nintendo 3DS?

So if you had a spare $250, would you choose to spend it on a Nintendo 3DS? Yeah, $250 may be a tidy amount of cash, but less than $300 for a handheld 3D console really seems quite reasonable.

Is Nintendo's 3DS too expensive?

Nintendo's 3DS is expected to cost between $249 and $300. But is that too expensive for a handheld console?

Report: Nintendo 3DS boasts dual ARM CPUs

Nintendo's upcoming 3DS handheld console is reportedly powered by two 266MHz ARM11 CPUs.

EA gushes over Nintendo's "magical" 3DS

Electronic Arts - which once designed really, really cool hardcore games - is now gushing embarrassingly over Nintendo's "magical" 3DS handheld console.

Nintendo debuts 3DS at E3 2010

Nintendo has debuted its 3DS handheld console at E3 2010. As expected, the revolutionary device allows gamers to play 3D titles without glasses.

Report: Nintendo 3DS is Tegra-less

Were you hoping to find a shiny Tegra SoC under the hood of your brand new Nintendo 3DS? Well, we're sorry to disappoint, but it seems as if the 3D handheld console will feature a design "totally" divorced from Nvidia's mobile processor.