3D Printed Shoes Are Coming Soon

If you work a job where you’re always on your feet, it can be murder on your knees as well as your tootsies if you don’t have comfortable shoes. Other than investing in a good pair of Doctor Scholls, can 3-D printing create a more comfortable shoe?

Back to the Future Self Tying Shoes Coming Soon

Back to the Future II took place in 2015, and with that year just around the corner, there have been a number of stories on the net where people are trying to see what actually came to pass from the movie. In fact, a friend of mine recently wondered when we were finally going to get self-tying shoes.

Nike introduces 'smart' fitness wristband

Nike has unveiled a new product that will help users track their physical activity and keep them motivated to stay active.

Nike and Michael J. Fox go back to the future

Nike and Michael J. Fox have teamed up to auction off 1,500 pairs of "Back to the Future" MAG shoes on eBay.