Marching towards The Expendables 3

Every time I see a coming attraction or an ad for The Expendables, I chuckle a little because to me it's like an action version of The Love Boat.

The stolen Man of Steel

It was a story that would make any self respecting geek shake his or her head. Yes, when Nicholas Cage became a big time movie star, he finally had the loot to buy a geekholy grail, the first issue of Superman.

How much is Spider-Man worth?

Last year, a first issue Superman originally stolen from Nicholas Cage was eventually recovered from a storage locker - with the comic ultimately selling at auction for $2.1 million.

New Ghost Rider film won’t pull any punches

The creative team behind Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance discussed the mood of the upcoming sequel at a recent Comic-Con panel in New York City.