Sony gets booed at NGP AT&T announcement

Sony spent the first part of its pre-E3 press conference in damage control mode, but it was another announcement that caused the biggest crowd reaction.

NGP rumored to be renamed Playstation Vita

Sony may start referring to its next handheld system as the Playstation Vita.

Rumor: Sony cuts NGP specs in response to 3DS

Sony has reportedly scaled back the power of its upcoming handheld system after Nintendo's 3DS has failed to meet sales expectations.

Geohot donates $10,000 to the EFF

Famed PS3 hacker George Hotz has donated a cool $10,000 (the remainder of his legal defense fund) to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) after settling a lawsuit with Sony.

Sony details NGP game storage specs

Sony recently confirmed that games for its upcoming NGP handheld console will be stored on flash memory modules dubbed "NVG Cards."

Claim: Sony's NGP is "dead on arrival"

No one can deny that Sony's NGP ratchets up handheld console gaming to a whole 'nother level. But Ngmoco boss Neil Young believes the long-awaited device is DOA nonetheless.

NGP fever: Sony slashes PSP to $130

It seems as if everyone has NGP fever these days, and Sony is certainly no exception. To pave the way for the long-awaited handheld console, the electronics giant is lowering the price of its stalwart, last-gen PSP to a sweet $130 (beginning Feb 27).

NGP isn't too expensive, says Sony

Sony says the successor to the PSP, known as the Next Generation Portable, won't be too expensive. In fact, it says it deliberately avoided putting as much stuff into it as it wanted, in order to keep the cost down.

Can Sony's NGP compete against Apple's iPhone?

Sony’s tricked-out NGP undoubtedly represents the future of mobile console gaming. But can it successfully compete against Apple’s iPhone which offers a fully integrated smartphone-entertainment experience?

Yes, this is why Sony's NGP rules

Sony's slick NGP ain't your grandaddy's dusty Atari Lynx or your mom's antique monochrome Game Boy (sorry, Tetris).

10 reasons to be excited about Sony's Next Generation Portable

The big video game news last week was the unveiling of Sony's PSP2 system, now known as the Next Generation Portable. This system will break new ground and lead to the future of portable gaming. Here's why you should be excited about it.

Sony snubs iPhone, PlayStation gaming coming to Android

Amid all the extreme excitement over the PSP2 - Sony's first new dedicated gaming device announcement in more than eight years - there was one detail that somewhat got overlooked and is worth a second look.

Sony promises PSP successor NGP by the end of the year

Sony's ready for its next push in the handheld gaming market. It's announced that its Next Generation Portable (NGP) - aka the PSP 2 - will be out by the end of the year, and says it plans to offer PlayStation games on a range of devices including Android phones.