Amazon teases new Kindles in ad

Amazon's expected to announce a new Kindle and Kindle Fire later today, after teasing them in a TV ad last night.

NFL Game Rewind hits Android tablets

NFL aficionados know sports fans don't always agree with every play called on the field and often want to more closely examine specific plays. 

Sony apologizes for PS3 NFL streaming flub

It wasn't a great game day for PS3 users who signed up for the console's unprecedented live streaming NFL subscription package.

PS3 strikes deal for NFL streaming

NFL Ticket, a feature previously touted specifically to DirecTV customers, is heading over to the PS3.

NFL shirt gets biometric capabilities

With the amount of money the NFL throws around, it’s no wonder the league hopes to adopt biometric-enabled Under Armour shirts capable of measuring heart and breathing rate, skin temperature, force, and direction.

Did technology help football become a Turkey Day tradition?

Thanksgiving. A day that makes my pants feel tight just thinking about it, has its roots deep routed in tradition.

Verizon's fledgling Fios service will bring NFL to 3D

In a move to bring back attention to its flailing TV service, Verizon has struct a deal with the National Football League to air its first ever 3D football game on TV. It's a major score as the most mainstream sporting event to make it to the new broadcast medium.