Asus might make Nexus tablet, Jelly Bean phone

Asus, a growing but still-niche name in consumer electronics, may be getting some very prized Android designations.

Google is working on a Nexus tablet

If you've been waiting for an Android tablet that Google can stamp its own seal of approval on, 2012 will be your year.

Report: Google's official 'Nexus' tablet due this summer

Rumor has it the 'Nexus' name will be making its way to tablet form this summer, complete with Android 3.0 and full support from Google.

SGN launches Android-to-iPhone aerial deathmatch

Are you an Android enthusiast with an itchy trigger finger who is just dying to put Apple fanbois in their place?

Is Motorola designing an Android-based tablet?

Motorola co-CEO Sanjay Jha recently hinted that the company may be poised to enter the crowded tablet market space.