Woot! Most Android users now upgraded to 2.2

It took a while, but the most recent version of Android is now the most popular version, as upgrades have finally been doled out to a large fraction of the platform's user base.

Best Buy's "Nexus S" listing creates confusion and rumors

It didn't take more than a few minutes after it was noticed for BestBuy.com to take down a reference it had on its site to the "Nexus S" phone, but thanks to the power of the Internet now everyone is buzzing about it.

Nexus Two will be most powerful Android yet, first Android 2.3

Although Google will not be internally designing the successor to its well-reviewed-but-never-sold Nexus One, it will still be as noteworthy - maybe more.

Rumor: Samsung and Google prep Nexus Two for November launch

Google and Samsung are reportedly prepping a next-gen Nexus smartphone for a November 8th launch in New York City.