Google threatens to kick French media out of search

Google's threatening to cut French media from its search results, in response to a proposed law that would require it to pay for articles that appear in results.

Facebook's state of surveillance

Recently, two major newspapers I read in Michigan decided to switch to Facebook for reader comments on their websites. It got me thinking: does everything really need to be linked to Facebook?

Belgian newspapers accuse Google of 'spiteful' boycott

Belgian newspapers that successfully fought against Google's inclusion of their articles in Google News are up in arms because Google is, er, blocking their articles from inclusion in search results.

Smartphones not replacing traditional media for news access

More and more people may be using mobile phones to access news, say researchers, but this isn't eating into the kfor more traditional news services.

People won't pay for local news online, says report

Almost half of mobile device owners use their device to get some sort of local news information - but only ten per cent of them pay for it.

European publishers warn Apple over online newspaper subscriptions

A group of European newspaper publishers has complained to Apple about its revenue split for iTunes digital subscriptions.

Amazon to let Kindle users lend e-books

Amazon's moved to improve the competitiveness of its Kindle e-reader by allowing users to lend their books to friends.