Avatar Meets the Godfather?

So now we know that the next three Avatar films are going to be shot in New Zealand, and principal photography will probably begin some time late next year. This is definitely going to be an epic of science fiction, but Godfather epic? 

Dotcom upsets the Kiwi applecart

Sheepish Kiwi spooks are seriously regretting their antics over spying on such a high profile case as Megaupload boss Kim Dotcom.

Apple blames Big Content

Apple has explained that the reason Australians have to pay more for their music content than the rest of the world is not its fault.

Did the US and New Zealand test secret 'tsunami bomb'?

During the second world war, it's claimed, the US and New Zealand tested a 'tsunami bomb', designed to create waves that could flood a city.

Kim Dotcom promises Kiwis free broadband

Kim Dotcom, the new Zealander currently facing extradition to the US on file-sharing copyright charges, has come up with a plan that's as much larger than life as the man himself.

Dotcom says he's 'Bond villain' as NZ government admits illegal spying

In the latest bizarre twist in the legal case against Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom, New Zealand prime minister John Key has ordered an investigation into the country's spying agency.

Peter Jackson eyes Doctor Who

Doctor Who star Matt Smith and famed LOTR director Peter Jackson both think it would be great idea for the veteran genre helmer to direct an episode of the show.

Has James Cameron moved to Pandora?

Avatar couldn’t have hit theaters at a better time.

Video: Jackson's Hobbit is on the set

December 14, 2012 obviously can't arrive soon enough for us Lord of the Rings (LOTR) fans. 

The Hobbit gets updated

As we all know, geek icon Peter Jackson is currently shooting The Hobbit, which will be divided in two parts, with the first episode being released this December. 

Malware disables ambulance response systems

An unspecified malware variant recently disabled the automated response systems of a New Zealand-based ambulance service.

Snorting Ritalin to play Xbox 360

Spending all your money and time on console games may be sad, yet somewhat understandable. However, snorting Ritalin just so you can stay awake and play Xbox 360 titles is ridiculous - and quite dangerous. 

New Zealand releases UFO files

The New Zealand Air Force has released thousands of documents relating to UFO sightings over the last 50 years.

New Zealand bans software patents

New Zealand is passing a law which makes most software unpatentable. The only exception, added yesterday in an amendment, is to allow patents on inventions that contain embedded software.

Splinter Cell stunt ends in tears

A PR stunt to promote Ubisoft's new Xbox title Splinter Cell: Conviction may end in a conviction of its own.