Moving to 100% renewables - is it possible?

Mark Jacobson, the Stanford professor who specializes in designing scenarios for a massive transition to renewable energy, is at it again – in a more high-profile way than ever.

Could Superstorm Sandy happen again?

Almost a year after Hurricane Sandy, parts of New York and New Jersey are still recovering from billions of dollars in flood damage. Tufts University geologist Andrew Kemp sees the possibility of damage from storms smaller than Sandy in the future.

Michael Bloomberg: expect domestic drones real soon now

Multi-billionaire mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, quietly admitted in a radio interview that he expects surveillance drones to come to New York and that there's no turning back the tide for American domestic use.

Google offers free Wifi to its New York neighbors

Piggybacking off someone else's Wifi is generally frowned upon - but Google is planning to allow residents of a 10-block area near its offices in New York to have a free connection.

Sex offenders kicked off gaming platforms

New York's attorney general has booted thousands of sex offenders off online gaming platforms as part of a drive to protect children from online predators.

3D printing comes to New York streets

3D printer manufacturer MakerBot is making its biggest effort yet to target the consumer market with the release of a new low-cost model and the opening of a New York store.

How offshore wind can power New York and Boston

There is one thing most people probably don't know about offshore wind.

This New York park is underground

If you've been following EarthTechling for a while, you may remember the LowLine. 

This iconic New York High-Rise Breathes Easy

We've seen some interesting riffs on the New York skyscraper lately.

NYC offers free Wifi from payphones

With payphones starting to look like relics of another era, the city of New York has found a way to give them a new lease of life.

Browsing child porn is legal in New York

Looking at child porn on the internet is legal in New York, the Court of Appeals has ruled.

Broadcasters sue Aereo streaming service

Not entirely unexpectedly, two groups of broadcasters are suing Aereo, the recently-launched streamed television service.

New York wants a mandatory DNA bank

The governor of New York is proposing a new law that would make the state the first in the country to require convicted criminals to provide a DNA sample.

Discarding rechargeable batteries illegal in NYC

New York residents will now have to be extra careful when they throw their batteries away. Thanks to a new state law those who get caught discarding rechargeable batteries could be fined $50 or more.

Long Islanders, Texans spend most on gaming

An intriguing new study looked at where the most per capita video game spending took place, and ended up with some surprising results.

16 suspects arrested in Anonymous crackdown

Federal agents have arrested 16 cyber activists allegedly linked to the Anonymous collective.

Google offers daily deals in New York & San Francisco

Groupon did it. Living Social did it. Now Facebook and Google are doing it. You guessed it! Daily deals.

Sprint, state of NY worried about AT&T T-Mobile merger

Rival mobile carrier as well as the state of New York have added to the list of entities that aren't too happy.

Facebook fueled rage prompts girl to run over cousin, twice

In a rage somewhat reminiscent of Amy Fisher a la 1990s, a Long Island woman has been arrested for running over her cousin with a minivan after a Facebook induced catfight.

Teen networking site 'allowed child porn'

Graphic porn involving children possibly as young as five was on social networking site for two months after it was reported to the site's administrators, New York's attorney general says.