Could Superstorm Sandy happen again?

Almost a year after Hurricane Sandy, parts of New York and New Jersey are still recovering from billions of dollars in flood damage. Tufts University geologist Andrew Kemp sees the possibility of damage from storms smaller than Sandy in the future.

Sexting banned in West Virginia

The great state of West Virginia has come up with a new law that would drag teenagers to court for sexting each other. 

New Jersey mayor charged with hacking opponents' website

A New Jersey mayor has been arrested for allegedly hacking a website that was calling for him to be recalled.

Kevin Smith has a new geek show

It's a great idea for a reality TV show, at least I sure think so, and so do Kevin Smith and AMC apparently, because Comic Book Men takes you into the world of geeks. 

Verizon sends 'Civil Emergency' text, incites fear

If you got a text message that was irrefutably sent directly from Verizon telling you to seek shelter immediately, what would you do?

Green housing for those who served

In Carteret, N.J., veterans will be coming home to green, affordable housing, thanks to the new Commander George Lisicki Veterans Apartments, the city's first apartment building dedicated to vets. 

Autism linked to low birth weight

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing have discovered a link between low birth weight and children diagnosed with autism.

Is the typewriter extinct?

There used to be a quaint little store in my neighborhood that repaired typewriters.

New Jersey eyes reduced sexting penalties for teens

As part of the texting revolution, sexting has officially been added to the list of things parents have to worry about. What may seem like a fun, flirty way to explore ones sexuality can actually leave a lasting digital impression, potentially causing problems down the line including prosecution or jail time.

Geek Squad and Girl Scouts have unexpected partnership

When it comes to diverse organizations, the Girl Scouts and Geek Squad are about as different as it gets. However, tech-savvy girls in New Jersey have access to a rather unique Girl Scout retreat.