Geothermal power moves from state to state

That renewable energy “first” that way back in April we said was on its way? It’s here. Power from a geothermal plant in northern Nevada is flowing to Southern California.

CIA declassifies covert details on the secretive Area 51

Debunking many conspiracy theories, a massive 355-page declassified report details the birth of Area 51 and the U-2 spy planes developed and tested there.When U-2 spy planes first soared over Nevada in 1955, they flew higher than any other plane ever: 60,000 feet. The development and construction of ...

Apple constructs Nevada solar farm

Already a significant solar player in North Carolina, where two 20-megawatt arrays feed a data center, Apple is taking on a big photovoltaic project in Nevada – this one 18 megawatts – to help power a new Reno-area data center.

Obama approves giant solar, wind projects in desert

Big solar was the biggest driver in the record-breaking U.S. solar gains made last year, with utility-scale plants accounting for more than half – 1,752 megawatts – of the 3,313 MW of newly installed capacity.

Google's driverless car now street legal in Nevada

The Google car that can drive itself is now eligible to ride on the streets of Nevada.

Nevada makes driverless cars perfectly legal

Nevada has become the first state in the nation to make it legal to use driverless cars on its roadways, and has just finalized the various regulations that come with such a forward-thinking law.

Geothermal research gets stimulus boost

It's enough to make a geothermal engineer cry: extensive investment has allowed the oil and minerals industry to map out a good picture of the fossil fuels lurking below Earth's surface. 

A floating LEED first in Nevada

From medical centers to schools and hotels, all kinds of different buildings are pursuing and achieving LEED green building certification. 

Nevada to consider legalizing self-driving cars

Google's pushing for driverless cars to be made legal in Nevada.

Feds announces $50M in new solar funding

The infamous Nevada Test Site has long been known as a proving ground for nuclear weapons.

Robot sentinels patrol Nevada nuke site

The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) is deploying a platoon of robot sentinels to patrol an ultra-sensitive Nevada nuke site.