The mystery of neutron stars heats up

Until now, scientists were pretty sure they knew how the surface of a neutron star – a super dense star that forms when a large star explodes and its core collapses into itself – can heat itself up. However, research by a team of scientists led by a Michigan State University physicist has researchers rethinking that theory.

NASA's Swift reveals new phenomenon in a neutron star

Astronomers using NASA's Swift X-ray Telescope have observed a spinning neutron star suddenly slowing down, yielding clues they can use to understand these extremely dense objects.

Neutron star has superfluid at its core

NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory has for the first time discovered a superfluid - a weird, friction-free state of matter - at the core of a neutron star.

Volunteers discover rare neutron star

Three 'citizen scientists' putting their home computers to work when they would otherwise have been idle have discovered a rare rotating pulsar.