Nanoparticle networks' design enhanced by theory

For close to two decades, Cornell scientists have developed processes for using polymers to self-assemble inorganic nanoparticles into porous structures that could revolutionize electronics, energy and more.

Graphene-based nano-antennas may enable networks of tiny machines

Networks of nanometer-scale machines offer exciting potential applications in medicine, industry, environmental protection and defense, but until now there’s been one very small problem: the limited capability of nanoscale antennas fabricated from traditional metallic components.

Old school late night TV & the ridiculous world of infomercials

There's a reason why prime time TV is called prime time. Late night TV has usually been for horrible movies, many of which I love of course, re-runs of I Spy, and in later years, infomercials. 

The return of the Blues Brothers?

August was quite a month for comedy fans. 

Not only was it announced that Ghostbusters 3 will soon go into production, and that the return of Austin Powers and Fletch may be imminent, but the news also hit that The Blues Brothers may be returning as well, this time to television.

Tiny harvesters power intelligent aircraft bodies

Airplane designers have been working on sensor networks something like the human nervous system, which would run throughout the body shell and report directly to engineers when maintenance is required.

'Digital ants' check networks for viruses

Wake Forest University professor Errin Fulp is training an army of 'digital ants' designed to patrol the power grid and protect it from viruses.

USAF locks and loads for digital combat

The United States Air Force (USAF) is preparing for a new role in defending the country from hostile cyber attacks.

Ivi sues TV networks before the networks sue ivi

Ivi TV has decided to get its retaliation in first, and is suing several major broadcasters to assert its right to broadcast their content without formal agreements.

Psychiatrist compares video game addicts to junkies

An undoubtedly well-meaning psychiatrist has claimed that video game dependence is similar to drug and alcohol addiction.

Secpoint cracks WPA keys with Portable Penetrator

Secpoint has introduced a new "portable penetrator" that offers browser-based wireless vulnerability scanning of large networks across hundreds of IP addresses simultaneously.

Microsoft goes social with Outlook 2010

Corporate drones rejoice! You will soon be able to use Microsoft Outlook to view Facebook and MySpace status updates from the privacy of your dreary cubicles!