Cisco seeking ODM WiMax CPE makers in Taiwan, say sources

Fujitsu Microelectronics mulls roll out of WiMAX module chips

ExpressCards, USB dongles, embedded modules and base stations featured at WiMax Expo

Coax is back, Dlink introduces Coax to Ethernet home networking kit

For those of you old timers who used to deal with Coax and Vampire Taps, Dlink’s new Coax Ethernet Adapter Kit will bring back some painful memories.  The DXN-221 bridges existing coaxial cable wired homes with Ethernet networks and can transfer at a top speed of 175 Mbps.  The kit comes with a Coax/Ethernet switch and two Coax/Ethernet adapters that can plug onto the ends of cables or wall outlets.

VIA offers customization of case design and WiMAX in new mini-notebook reference design

Wi-Fi causes allergic reactions in Santa Fe

Sprint and Samsung declare Mobile WiMax ready for commercial service

Comcast mulling 250 GB monthly transfer cap and overage charges

Comcast wants to put the brake on its top downloaders and is mulling a monthly transfer cap and overage charges.  According to Broadband Reports, the cable Internet company plans on imposing a 250 GB soft cap on transfers and would charge $15 for every 10 GB excess.  Customers would get a free pass on one month’s overage in a 12-month period.

Data centers to surpass airlines as polluters

AT&T criticizes Vuze Corp for publishing ISP reset findings

Qwest intros 20 Mb/s fiber optic broadband Internet

It is an old story, broadband in this country isn’t a fun topic to talk about. Bandwidths available to consumers is trailing the bandwidth available in the top 10 broadband nations around the world, while we are in the leading group when we look at how much you pay for your blazing fast Internet access. At least those who can live in Qwest territory, however, now have the option to upgrade their service without having to mortgage their house.

112 million Americans have access to broadband Internet

Turn your laptop into a smart Wi-Fi access point with Intel’s upcoming Cliffside technology

Connecting your laptop to a Wi-Fi access point is pretty easy, but how do you connect your computer to a myriad of other devices like wireless cameras and printers?  To answer that tough question, Intel has been developing its ‘Cliffside’ technology which basically turns your computer into a software-based access point.

New Dell notebooks to offer EV-DO and HSDPA wireless broadband connectivity

In-flight Internet to return for $10

Travelling on an airplane within the U.S. means that you lose Internet connectivity as soon as your plane leaves the gate. Since Boeing’s shutdown of Connexion, travelers have been left without Internet access, but it seems that in-flight Internet is making a comeback as we are approaching the end of the decade.

Qantas to offer Internet access on Australian flights

Fujitsu doubles bandwidth of fiber optic network between North America and Japan

In an never-ending quest for as much bandwidth as possible, Fujitsu and Pacific Crossing announced that they have upgraded the PC-1 trans-Pacific fiber-optic cable mo more than 1 Tb/s.

Intel unveils prices for notebook WiMAX/Wi-Fi modules

Apple Airport Express gets draft-n Wi-Fi

Apple’s mobile Wi-Fi base station Airport Express has been upgraded from 802.11g to draft 802.11n, which, according to the manufacturer, boosts the available bandwidth by “up to” 5x.

WiFi box streams YouTube and other videos to your HDTV