Mark "Netscape" Andreessen backs new browser

The man who developed Netscape has put his money behind a company building a new net browser.

Extend your Twitter to 200 characters

A firm has come up with a way to send Twitter messages that are 200 characters rather than 140 characters long.

Ex-pats find way to view BBC TV abroad

The BBC's rather excellent iPlayer lets people in the UK who pay the license fee watch top TV programs from the numerous channels offered.

Google tarts up Google Chrome

There's a fresh beta available for the Google Chrome browser that indicates it's perfectly serious about taking on the others in the latest episode of the browser wars.

Google takes over video compression firm

Search engine giant Google said it will pay an estimated $106.9 million in stock to buy On2 Technologies.

WiMax is coming to ten more markets

If we believe Clearwire’s website, then WiMax service is already available in 53 different markets across the U.S. However, that may be rather unofficial, since we today learned that the Clear 4G service is really only available in four markets, and ten will be added on September 1. 66 more will follow by the end of 2010.

EyeSpy's little eye lets you guard your property cheaply

A company has introduced an IP camera monitoring system aimed at home owners and small businesses.

Broadband over power lines gets first industry standard draft

Broadband over power lines is marching closer to actual availability. The P1901 Working Group today announced the release of the first draft defining medium access control and physical layer specifications for IEEE's Standard P1901.

Twitter re-twitters the twitterati

Hold the front page! Twitter has redesigned its home page and appears to have improved its search capabilities as a senior British politician describes Twitterers as 'twats'.

UK broadband speeds are way worse than advertised

Virtually no British broadband users are actually getting the speed they're paying for, according to industry regulator Oftel. But the Brits are a phlegmatic lot, and three quarters are apparently perfectly happy with this.

Wireless-N finalization 'close'

Deep throats in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) are suggesting that the current Wireless-N (or 802.11n Draft) specification is going to be finalized in September.

WiMax in Las Vegas now, coming to Macs on August 17

Clearwire today announced the availability of its WiMax service in Las Vegas now, which is, according to the company, the 53rd major U.S. city to be covered by the mobile broadband technology. There is also a new software that will enable Macs to connect to Clearwire’s WiMax network as well as a new 4G/3G hybrid modem that will be offered beginning next month.

Best Buy: Have 250 Twitter followers or no job

Retail chain Best Buy is insisting that people applying for market jobs already have 250 Twitter followers. Oh, and a university degree.

British Royal Family starts twittering

The British Royals have started telling the world what they're up to using the Twitter service.

Alcatel-Lucent greens DSL

You can save power on almost everything. Things you never thought of, but marketing departments think you need to know about, especially in these days. Alcatel-Lucent now tells us that it has launched the world’s first green DSL.

Silver surfers snap up Facebook use

A report claims that people over the age of 55 plus are turning to Facebook with alacrity, or what passes for alacrity in those close to retirement.

Online radio stations agree on royalty payments

A number of radio websites reached a deal with Sound Exchange to pay royalties on music they were webcasting online.

CompuServe closes after thirty years

The original commercially-successful online mail service, CompuServe, has been shut down by its owner, AOL.

Teen sells nude pics of mum online

A New Zealand teenager is in big trouble after trying to sell sexy photos of his mother through an online auction site.

World's oldest Bible goes online

All 800 surviving pages from the earliest surviving Christian bible, Codex Sinaiticus, have been reunited on the internet.