All aboard the nanotrain network

Tiny self-assembling transport networks, powered by nano-scale motors and controlled by DNA, have been developed by scientists at Oxford University and Warwick University. The system can construct its own network of tracks spanning tens of micrometres in length, transport cargo across the network and even dismantle the tracks.

Retrofitting ancient computers for network glory

Do you have an ancient Commodore 64, Apple, Amiga or PC lying around your basement, garage or attic? Ever thought about hooking up that old silicon to your home network and the Internet rather than an a BBS (Wildcat or Renegade, your choice) of yore?

Pentagon wants to evolve mobile ad hoc networks (MANETS)

Troops operating in forward locations without telecommunication infrastructure often rely on a mobile ad hoc network (MANET) to communicate and share data.

T-Mobile promises Apple devices next year

T-Mobile has revealed that it's signed a deal with Apple, making it likely that the company will start offering the iPhone and iPad next year.

DoE builds huge Android network to test security

The Department of Energy's Sandia National Laboratories has simulated 300,000 Android cellphones in order to study ways of making cellular networks more reliable and secure.

Sprint shutters iDEN network to clear spectrum for 4G

Sprint says it plans to shut down its iDEN Nextel 2G network completely by the end of next June.

IP network based on xylophones

A University of California Berkeley researcher has created an IP network that runs between a pair of xylophones.

Swiss team demonstrates long-lasting quantum network

Scientists and engineers have reported back on a project to use quantum cryptography in a real-time network.

Which data center network to choose? Sponsored by Juniper

The world of work is changing. Web-based businesses are looking for ways to serve more customers. Enterprises whose employees travel are looking for ways to allow for more mobile access. And everyone, it seems, has an eye on the cloud.

Official tests show LightSquared network interferes with GPS

Government tests have shown that LightSquared's proposed mobile broadband network does indeed disrupt GPS devices in the area.

Sony subpoenaed by New York AG

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has reportedly subpoenaed Sony over the company’s abject failure to secure its network against digital intruders.

WikiLeaks security upgrades could fall short

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has embarked on a major effort to improve network security protocols in the wake of the now infamous WikiLeaks scandal.

Tablets jumpstart WWAN chipsets

Is that a Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN) chipset inside your Android tablet?

Bigfoot Killer NIC reduces latency by 33x

A series of benchmarks measured by Jon Peddie Research confirms that Bigfoot's recently launched Killer 2100 NIC reduces network latency by as much as 33x.

World Cup could overload Twitter, company warns

Twitter is warning that the World Cup could lead to outages, after a week in which the site has been up and down like a soccer ball.

Hijacked Twitter controls botnet

Security researchers have positively identified an automated toolkit that creates a custom bot using Twitter as a virtual command and control (C&C) platform.

Techie convicted of locking up SF city network

A former network administrator has been convicted of hijacking San Francisco's computer network and refusing to tell his bosses the passwords.

Is Cloud computing secure?

Chip expert and analyst David Kanter has warned that cloud computing poses "definite" security risks for both corporations and individual end users.

McAfee security update crashes corporate XP machines

A defective security update issued by a very red-faced McAfee has reportedly crashed thousands of corporate XP machines worldwide.

Report: Wi-Fi issues plague iPad owners

A number of iPad owners have reported wireless connectivity issues with their hallowed and "magical" tablet devices, including weak Wi-Fi reception, dropped signals and difficulty connecting to various routers.