Netflix becomes biggest source of internet traffic

Video streaming company Netflix is now the biggest single source of internet traffic, accounting for well over a quarter of all bandwidth.

Netflix and Miramax clinch streaming video deal

Netflix has announced a licensing deal with Miramax that will allow U.S. subscribers to stream several hundred  movies owned by the studio beginning in June.

Netflix slowly churns onto Android

For the first time, Android users can finally stream Netflix content on their mobile device. Well, some Android users...

Millions ditch cable for Netflix and antennas

The Internet continues to change how people access and consume information.

Roku set-top box inks deal with Best Buy

Now that watching online content through your TV is all the rage, Roku's set-top box is now big enough for the #1 electronics retailer in the country.

Netflix Android app kinda sorta sees the light of day

Netflix has created an Android app for use on a prototype LG smartphone called the Revolution.

Netflix reportedly mulling producing original TV shows

The leading online video streaming service may soon start streaming its own TV shows, according to sources that say Netflix is currently in talks with David Fincher and Kevin Spacey about the idea.

3DS to get Netflix support, no 3D movies yet

As part of a keynote speech at this year's Game Developers Conference, Nintendo of America president Reginald Fils-Aime announced that the upcoming 3DS handheld system will be getting a downloadable Netflix app in the summer.

Star Trek enters Netflix streaming orbit

CBS and Netflix have clinched a potentially lucrative two-year licensing deal for the latter company to stream two classic sci-fi series: "Star Trek" (all generations ) and "The Twilight Zone."

Cataclysm alert: Amazon launches Netflix-like streaming

Amazon has just launched a new video service that allows users to stream as many movies or TV shows as they want, in what is the most credible threat yet to Netflix's absolute domination in this market.

Move over Netflix, Amazon is coming!

It seems as if Amazon may be gearing up to challenge Netflix by offering a premium online movie streaming platform loaded with a substantial amount of content.

Hulu pressured by Netflix

When Netflix hit the scene it put intense pressure on content distributors like BlockBuster and movie channels to revolutionize the way they do business. But what about other streaming Internet-based media services such as Hulu?

Industry reacts warily to Netflix revolution

Remember going to the video store and browsing, only to find the movie you wanted was sold out? What about the insane late fees, remember that?

"Netflix button" coming soon to a remote near you

Is Netflix's instant streaming service so ubiquitous now that it deserves a permanent big red button on our remote controls? What do you think?

Netflix touts streaming-only plan

W00t! Now we can finally ditch those scratched-up DVDs, because Netflix is rolling out an $8 streaming-only subscription plan.

Vudu coming to PS3 next week

PS3 owners will soon have even more options for how to watch high definition movies from their game console, as on-demand streaming service  Vudu has just signed a deal with Sony for an exclusive PS3 app.

Netflix is coming to Android, but it'll be a slow process

Android owners have had a good reason to be jealous of iPhone and iPad users because the latter are able to stream Netflix movies on their devices. But due to security concerns, bringing the same app to Android is proving to be a tough problem.

Disc-free Netflix goes to Wii, completely unannounced

Stealing the thunder away from the PS3, which is also due today to receive a special app that allows Netflix instant streaming, Nintendo has just launched a "Netflix Channel" on the Wii.

Battlestar Galactica enters Netflix orbit

It's almost here! Yes, Battlestar Galactica will finally land on Planet Netflix next week, along with Syfy's popular Eureka and Destination Truth.

Netflix says sorry to 'self-absorbed' Americans

It's not been a good week for Netflix, despite the successful launch of its streaming video service in Canada.