Amazon signs streaming pact with 20th Century Fox

Your favorite Fox TV shows along with a wide library of 20th Century Fox feature films are coming to Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Netflix scoops DreamWorks streaming deal

Netflix has won a deal to stream movies from DreamWorks Animation - the first time a major studio has chosen web streaming over pay TV.

Internet giants have carbon emission issues

What do Amazon, Netflix, Google and Facebook have in common? 

Blockbuster may join the online streaming game

It looks like Blockbuster wants to turn up the heat on Netflix and will be launching its own branded streaming service soon.

Netflix to separate rental, streaming services

Netflix has publicly admitted that its recent structural changes were not handled perfectly, and now has a new strategy.

Netflix now finally, fully supports Android

Instead of adding in support for specific Android phones every few weeks, Netflix has now opened up its app to everyone with Android 2.2 or 2.3.

Amazon reportedly working on 'Netflix for books'

Amazon is apparently set to launch a new service that will give users access to a massive collection of e-books for a flat monthly fee.

Hulu Plus makes unusual Android tablet debut

Hulu has just added support for its first Android tablet, but it's not the one you might expect.

Half of Netflix users connect via game console

Just how important is Netflix's expansion in developing special apps for different platforms?

Walmart puts streaming movies on

In an effort to strengthen its streaming video presence, Walmart has now put the digital service on its main website.

Nintendo 3DS video streaming gets underway

Online video streaming services are now available on Nintendo's new 3DS handheld.

Netflix raises DVD rental membership prices

As it continues to push its streaming video service, Netflix has just made it a lot more expensive if you want unlimited DVD rentals.

Google pay-per-view almost ready for Android

Android phone owners will soon get their own proprietary premium video streaming app.

Netflix goes down over the weekend

Customers wanting to spend the end of Father's Day watching a movie on Netflix were sorely disappointed.

Apple backtracks on in-app subscriptions

Apple has done the unthinkable and reversed a policy that would have forced companies to pay it a lot of money.

Tennessee criminalizes sharing Netflix logins

Anyone giving their Netflix login to a friend in Tennessee could be in big trouble, thanks to a new bill that's been passed.

LG Revolution comes with Netflix pre-installed

LG is launching the first Android phone with Netflix support out of the box.

Rare film archives resurrected thanks to Warner Bros. and Netflix

In the first part of our report on Netflix and the major studios, we explored how obscure movies were being kept alive via streaming and individually burning DVDs.

Netflix and Warner Bros. keeping obscure films alive

For obscure film buffs like me, the fact that NetFlix is streaming long lost movies, and the major studios are burning them to order for fans, is a godsend.

"Hulu for magazines" set to launch in Android Market this week

Apple has closed deals with some of the biggest magazine publishers to sell subscriptions via iTunes. Now it's Google's turn, with five large publishers poised to enter the Android Market this week.