Netflix highlights DVD-only plans

In an effort to backpeddle from its previous stance of going to a streaming-only format, Netflix is augmenting the way it offers DVD-only plans.

Amazon not considering streaming-only service

Even though Amazon's Prime Instant Video Service has enough legs to stand up against Netflix, the company has no plans to separate it as an individual service.

Amazon expands streaming video offering

When it comes to online video streaming, Amazon is still trying to remind everyone that it's in the race too.

After historic decline, Netflix user base surges

Not that long ago, headlines were full of comments about Netflix's first ever loss in subscription numbers, but the company is on a rebound now.

Netflix support confirmed for Playstation Vita

These days, it isn't an Internet-connected device if it doesn't offer Netflix streaming.

Roku USB stick streams content

Roku's set-top boxes have become progressively smaller with each new iteration, while offering users more than just movie and streaming content with access to games like the ever-popular Angry Birds.

Game consoles credited with video streaming explosion

More people than ever are watching Netflix and other video streaming services from their game consoles.

B&N updates Nook Color for Netflix and more

The Nook Color is becoming much less of an e-reader and much more like a fully functional Android tablet, thanks to a major software update that was just released.

Verizon plans to take on Netflix

In an environment where Netflix is still reeling from customer dissatisfaction and facing a new round of competition, Verizon has decided it's time to step in.

Netflix moves into original programming with new Arrested Development

Arrested Development is to go back into production - with content exclusively available on Netflix.

Netflix Android tablet support fully matures

In what can only be described as a surprise announcement, Netflix has just released a tablet-optimized app for all Android tablet devices.

Disney expands deals with Netflix, Amazon

Realizing that online streaming video is the future, Disney-ABC has signed freshly minted deals to bring new content to Netflix and Amazon.

Netflix accounts for 1/3 of peak US bandwidth use

If you needed another statistic to be convinced of just how powerful Netflix has become in the age of online video, here's one for you.

Why Netflix is in trouble

I find the history of home entertainment absolutely fascinating. Ever since my family got its first VCR, the fact that you could watch a movie at home was simply amazing to me.

Netflix lost 800,000+ members in last quarter

Netflix is becoming a perfect case study in how no company is too big to annoy its customers beyond the breaking point.

Netflix Android support grows, includes tablets

For the first time, owners of tablets like the Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab running Android Honeycomb, will finally be able to stream Netflix content on their device.

Watch out for the data-stealing fake Netflix app

If you're an Android owner and a Netflix user, you've no doubt realized that the official Netflix Android app is now finally compatible with a lot of devices.

Does Ratner's Tower Heist threaten Hollywood?

For those who can't stand director Brett Ratner and feel he represents everything wrong with Hollywood, (or at least a lot of things wrong), now there's even more reason to hate him.

Netflix kills Qwikster

The leading online video streaming service has killed a product that should have never been born.

A new way to browse movies on PS3

In case you weren't aware, there are thousands of movies and TV shows available to rent or buy from the PS3, and now there's an easier way to search through them.