HBO Go hits another screen - Kindle Fire

The video streaming platform wars continue, as HBO Go is making its way to another audience.

Netflix updates iPhone app to help curb data use

The leader in online video just updated its iPhone app.

Netflix forced to delete ex-user rental data

A class-action lawsuit has led to Netflix changing its privacy policy.

Netflix launches new Web video player

Netflix is going back to its roots and tweaking the browser-based video stream platform that started it all.

After mess, Netflix customer satisfaction increases

After seeing noted drops in the way customers perceive Netflix, the company is now on a swing in the other direction.

On Jericho's potential return... To Netflix

Netflix is currently in talks with CBS about obtaining the television rights to the defunct dystopian sci-fi serial, Jericho.

Netflix's next TV resurrection might be 'Jericho'

After gaining commendation for bringing back the cult TV classic Arrested Development, Netflix is working on bringing another dead TV show back from the grave.

NimbleTV aims for ambitious "TV anywhere" streaming

Is it crazy for a new startup to enter the competitive space dominated by Netflix and cable companies?

Hulu Plus hits 2 million subscribers

It isn't quite to the level of Netflix, but Hulu Plus is certainly holding its own.

PS3 adds Amazon Instant Video app

Amazon is bringing another TV-connected device to its instant streaming service.

Netflix's Reed Hastings just wants his HBO Go

The CEO of Netflix is talking about how much he wants HBO Go; what's wrong with this picture?

Terra Nova will not be going to Netflix

A couple weeks back, we reported that the Producers of Terra Nova were making a pitch to Netflix to pick up the big-mystery dinosaur adventure show. Those talks concluded with no deal made.

Netflix frustrated over Facebook app legality

Netflix is frustrated that it's still illegal to release its Facebook app in the US.

Is Netflix embracing the horror business?

The future of movies is of course going to be heavily streamed, and many predict this is where the next big game changer is going to come from, not from your local theater or on regular television, but on the small screen.

Netflix updates iPad app for Retina support

The official Netflix app on the iPad has just been given a big makeover.

Amazon adds 3,000 Prime Instant Videos

Amazon has just secured another content partner for its Netflix-rivaling streaming video service.

Netflix launches PS3 "Just for Kids" channel

Netflix has brought its "Just for Kids" label to the PS3.

Terra Nova may continue on Netflix

Fox recently decided against renewing Terra Nova for a second season, mostly due to the production costs associated with the show.

Comcast debuts Netflix competitor

Comcast is planning on entering the streaming video market.

Wii video streaming pilot was unsuccessful

Nintendo's pilot project of offering video streaming through the Wii console has come to an end.