Wreck It Ralph headed to VoD

Wreck It Ralph is a Pixar style animated family film that takes place in the gaming world, and was quite popular last winter when it hit theaters.

Single developer behind Netflix outage

Amazon has given an explanation for the outage which brought down Netflix's streaming service on Christmas Eve, saying all it took was one absent-minded developer.

Amazon outage brings down Netflix

Netflix is blaming the Christmas Eve failure of its streaming service on Amazon Web Services, which appears to have suffered problems with its data centers.

eyeIO streams 4K Ultra HD

There are a limited number of 4K resolution televisions (Ultra HD) currently on the market.

Netflix publishes ISP speed rankings - Google Fiber wins

  Google Fiber is the fastest ISP when it comes to video streaming, says Netflix, which is promising monthly reports on ISP performance.

Netflix wins exclusive deal to stream Disney movies

Netflix has signed a deal with Walt Disney Studios that gives the company the first license to show Disney's first-run, live-action and animated films.

Redbox Instant wants to take on Netflix

Netflix faces new competition with Verizon's Redbox Instant platform rumored to launch on December 17, 2012.

Unofficial Netflix app hits Ubuntu

The desktop browser version of Netflix relies on Microsoft Silverlight and isn't exactly compatible with Linux - at least up until now.

Netflix arrives on Ubuntu - with a fix

Ubuntu is without a doubt one of the most popular flavors of Linux, as the operating system is fully capable of running smoothly even on outdated or anemic hardware.

Netflix iPad app updated, adds "Just for Kids"

Netflix has updated its iPad app, bringing with it the increasingly important "Just for Kids" version of the streaming service.

Using your Android device as a PS3 Netflix remote

How to transform your Android smartphone into a PS3 Netflix remote.

Updated Netflix app rolls out for Android handsets

Updated Netflix app goes live on Google Play for Android-powered smartphones.

Netflix's latest find is new Ricky Gervais comedy

Netflix has landed a new comedy series starring Ricky Gervais.

Analysts see trouble on the horizon for Netlfix

Netflix saw its stock price slide almost 6% yesterday after the publication of a rather pessimistic report published by analysts at Macquarie Securities.

Arrested Development season 4 starts in spring

It is almost like Netflix is its own TV network now.

Netflix updates Xbox 360 app

Netflix has rolled out a new version of its Xbox 360 app to make it even easier to find your favorite movies and TV shows.

Netflix users trending away from movies to TV

If you have a Netflix account but don't stream movies, you're not crazy.

Netflix CEO still bullish on the cloud

It'll take more than a little outage for Netflix to change its plans.

Netflix streaming hits a billion hours in June

There's no questioning the impact of streaming video these days.

Netflix picks up new ABC Family content

Another day, another round of new content for Netflix.