Report: Amazon prepping set-top box

Amazon is reportedly prepping a set-top box capable of playing games and streaming movies from multiple online platforms including Prime Instant Video, Netflix and Hulu Plus.

No More Phones for Moviefone

So many people have cell phones these days, but it’s getting nearly impossible to get anyone to answer a phone call in a day and age where everyone texts like crazy. Perhaps Moviefone saw this coming, because they soon will be eliminating the phone part of their service. 

Star Wars Clone Wars Headed to Netflix

When George Lucas sold his company to Disney, it wasn’t just for three more Star Wars films. There’s plans for a number of spin-off stories, including possible stand alone movies with Han Solo, Boba Fett, and Yoda. 

Is Gaming Finally Back?

Anyone who follows gaming knows that the market has a lot of ups and downs. While some pundits have said that the market hasn’t been in the best shape, even with huge successes like Call of Duty, a new report tells us the gaming market could be finally be back, big time.

NetFlix Getting Rid of a Number of Movies and TV Shows to Stream

Next year it’s the good news / bad news routine with Netflix. The good news is you can stream movies for $6.99 a month. The bad news is they’re going to stop renting a number of movies by the time you read this, January 1, and we’re shocked at some of the titles that will no longer be available.

Is a Star Wars Series in Development at Netflix?

Marvel and Lucasfilm are both owned by Disney, and there are plans to bring more Marvel superheroes to the world via a Netflix series, which will launch in 2015. Could a Star Wars series also be coming via Netflix?

Is Marvel In Danger of Being Contaminated By Twilight?

It’s been all over the news that Netflix is launching several series based on Marvel characters: Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones. While Daredevil may be without fear, our hackles came up with we found out there may be a Twilight connection with Melissa Rosenberg.

Daredevil Netflix Series Gets a Familiar Writer

Netflix just announced that they will be doing a series of shows based on four Marvel characters, including Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones. Now word has come down that a familiar genre name, Drew Goddard, will be writing the Daredevil series. 

Marvel Netflix Series to Debut in 2015

Thor: The Dark World is already making a ton of dough at the box office, and Marvel should continue to kick some serious ass at the movies and on television all the way up to the long awaited Avengers sequel, Age of Ultron, which hits theaters the summer of 2015.

Did Netflix Finally Kill the Video Store?

I was surprised to read the news that the last Blockbuster stores were finally closing. I was only surprised because I was under the impression that except for a few stray stores here and there that Blockbuster had been completely done for some time.

Amazon's Christmas gift to you: streaming STB. Maybe. Not quite sure, yet.

It's code-named "Cinnamon," and it has no release date or intended price however, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos likes to keep his hardware costs down. In that regard, we can expect him to enter into the fray against Apple TV at $99 and Roku at $50. I'll throw in Chromecast at $35 because, I like it better than the set-top box (STB) stuff.

Tivo Roamio goes too far on price and not far enough on innovation

We've orgasmatron'd ourselves into a stupor over Chromecast, but we still have four TiVo boxes lying around the house, one is out of use, and one is even a TiVo Premier HD, or some such crap.    

Chromecast is not smart TV; it's the display-less future of mobile computing

If Google starts to get really evil its redemption will come from having given us Chromecast. This $11 piece of hardware should, unless the world is insane, kill the attached computing display for ever. Because, we should never have to lug around a laptop, or set up a room with a projector or a TV for meetings, or even have to go through the nightmare that is Hulu Plus on Tivo Premier.   

Netflix shrugs off Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft's best Silverlight customer has given up on the technology and moved to HTML5 video.

Netflix to (finally) ditch Silverlight for HTML5

Netflix has confirmed that it will finally be ditching Microsoft Silverlight for HTML5.

Netflix arrives on ARM-powered Samsung Chromebook

Samsung's $250 Chromebook rolled out in October and quickly climbed to the top of the charts on Amazon.

Can Netflix help resurrect Jericho?

Jericho was an American genre action-drama series that first aired in 2006 and ran until 2008.

Does Netflix encourage binge watching?

Here’s a funny new term that’s probably new to the vernacular: Binge watching. That’s pretty much what we geeks do anyways. Pile up a bunch of our favorite movies and TV shows, and have endless marathons at home.

Netflix and YouTube take on Airplay with DIAL

Netflix and YouTube have officially rolled out an Airplay alternative known as DIAL.

Netflix-Facebook sharing bill signed into law

President Obama has signed a bill allowing Facebook users to automatically share which Netflix videos they've been watching.