This Rikomagic ARM netbook runs Android & Linux

The Allwinner A10 chipset - which features an ARM Cortex-A8 processor - currently powers a number of Android devices, including the MK802 PC on a stick, the ZaReason tablet and Hackberry A10 dev board.

Moving data - Sponsored by Dell

Now that you have your Dell notebook computer - or netbook - and smartphone, it's time to learn about true mobility - moving data. If your data is stuck on your mobile device, it isn't much good, is it?

SMBs: Get Moving!

There comes a time in the growth of any SMB when employees need to hit the road to do business. To be prepared when travelling, you need to be equipped with the appropriate hardware.

Intel details Chrome OS collaboration

Earlier this week, Google debuted its first-gen Chromebook lineup by showcasing several devices from industry heavyweights Samsung and Acer.

Code repository reveals Chrome OS netbook specs

Detailed specs of Samsung's first official Chrome OS netbook have been positively identified in Google's code repository.

NEC showcases Froyo-powered netbook

NEC has introduced a netbook running Android 2.2 (Froyo). Dubbed "LifeTouch Note," the netbook is powered by a dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor, and boasts 4-8GB of RAM, a 7″ LED backlight as well as an 800×480 resistive touchscreen. The netbook also features a 2Mpix camera, GPS, accelerometer, along with an SD/SDHC card slot.

Is Acer ditching netbooks for tablets?

Acer is planning to gradually phase out its netbook lineup in favor of Sandy Bridge-powered (Intel x86) tablets.

Google Chrome OS hopes to bring netbook sexy back

If someone were to ask you what gadgets you most wanted this Christmas, you’d likely have a smartphone on the list, perhaps a tablet or maybe a brand new powerful notebook.

ARM chuckles as Intel reshuffles

Intel is reshuffling its mobile division in what could be a Sisyphean effort to challenge ARM's dominance in the lucrative marketplace. 

Report: Chrome OS netbook to launch on December 7th

Google will reportedly launch its very first Chrome OS netbook on December 7th.

Apple's iPad decimates declining netbook market

Apple's seemingly unstoppable iPad is continuing to voraciously cannibalize the declining netbook market.

Apple iPad cannibalizes netbook sales

Apple's wildly popular iPad is apparently cannibalizing netbook sales, at least, according to Asustek.

The humble netbook refuses to die

Remember all those talking heads who predicted that tablets and low-cost laptops would kill off the humble netbook? Well, consumer interest in such entry-level devices has apparently shown little sign of waning.

Plextor touts $99 USB Blu-ray drive

Plextor has introduced an ultra-affordable, external Blu-ray drive at a $99 price point.

Intel Atom powers 1,000 mph car

Intel's Atom processor can be found inside everything from netbooks to smartphones. But now 7 of the ubiquitous chips have been spotted inside the Bloodhound SSC, a jet and rocket-powered supersonic car expected to break the 1,000 mph barrier.

Who will be the first to run Chrome OS?

A number of PC manufacturers are reportedly prepping Chrome-based devices, including Dell, Acer and Hewlett Packard.

Report: Tablets to outsell netbooks by 2012

Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty has predicted that tablets will outsell netbooks by 2012.

Google focuses on Chrome laptop adoption

Google's initial release of its long-awaited Chrome operating system is expected to focus on the lucrative laptop sector.

Is the netbook doomed?

Has the recent tablet craze sentenced the humble netbook to an untimely death?

Apple iPad fragments netbook market

The introduction of Apple's wildly popular iPad will likely cause the "fragmentation" - rather than the demise - of the rapidly evolving netbook market.