Kickstarter Hits a Billion, Thanks to Video Games

One of the biggest experiments in the history of Kickstarter, the Veronica Mars movie, is about to be released. The crowd funding site resurrected a TV show that people wanted resurrected, and though it was on a tight budget and schedule, it still got made and will be out in the world very soon.

Could Joseph Gordon-Levitt Star In The Sandman?

At the end of The Dark Knight Rises, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is set up to take over the crime fighting dynasty as Nightwing. But as Levitt and Christian Bale have stated over and over again, the Batman trilogy is it, it’s done, and whatever comes afterwards will be a whole new thing. 

Neil Gaiman Sings the Praises of Lou Reed

This weekend, we lost an incredible artist, Lou Reed, at the age of 71. Reed’s range of influence from the sixties to today is remarkable, and his work should only grow better with time.

Peter Jackson a No Go For Doctor Who, But Neil Gaiman Might Be Available

We just reported that Peter Jackson may not be available any time soon to fulfill a geek fantasy, directing an episode of Doctor Who, which is a shame, because he’s a huge fan of the show, and it would be fascinating to see what he could do with it. 

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary ebook to feature every doctor

As part of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary celebration, Puffin and the BBC will be publishing 11 short ebooks.

More details from Gaiman's Who episode revealed

Doctor Who TV gets an inside look at what the episode will be about, and how the villains will be redesigned. Warning: Spoilers follows.

Gaiman to bring classic villain back to Doctor Who

The BBC has revealed some of the plot for the next Doctor Who Gaiman episode. Warning - spoilers inside.

Neil Gaiman returns to Doctor Who

The BBC's official Doctor Who Magazine has run the writer director list as it stands for 2013.

DRM bot shuts down sci-fi awards broadcast

An awards ceremony streamed over the weekend by Ustream abruptly went black because a digital rights management tool used by the company reckoned copyright was being infringed and automatically shut it down.

SDCC2012: Sandman prequel on its way

Veteran genre scribe Neil Gaiman was not in attendance at the Vertigo panel at this year’s Comic-Con.

All the genre films that could have been...

Richard Matheson, the legendary author of I Am Legend and Somewhere in Time, once told me if you took all the un-made scripts in Hollywood, well, they would probably pile up to the moon.

The Guillermo Del Toro mentoring program

Breaking into Hollywood is very much a Catch-22 in that you can't get a job without experience, can't get experience without a job. 

Obviously, it's very difficult to get anyone to lift a finger to help you.

Doctor Who is in trouble

Sources claim the revived series may be on its last legs.

American Gods is coming to television, Gaiman to write more novels

HBO today announced that American Gods - its new series based on the novel of the same name by Neil Gaiman - will have a total of 60-70 episodes divided into six seasons.

What about the Wizards?

"Wizards: Magical Tales from the Masters of Modern Fantasy" is a collection of various short stories with a magical theme.