Big eyes gave Neanderthals less room to think

Big eyes may be beautiful, but they could be what did for the Neanderthals, say University of Oxford scientists.

Woolly mammoth remains found in France

The near-complete remains of a woolly mammoth skeleton have been discovered on the banks of the river Marne near Paris, France.

Humans bred with Neanderthals after leaving Africa

Humans last interbred with Neanderthals well after they spread out of Africa, a genetic analysis has shown.

Humans didn't breed with Neanderthals

Just as we were all getting used to being part-Neanderthal, Cambridge University scientists say we might not be, after all.

Poorly Neanderthals chomped on medicinal plants

Neanderthals cooked and ate their veggies and even used medicinal plants when they were ill, an examination of their teeth has found.

Neanderthal genome sequenced - and they interbred with us

Scientists have sequenced the complete Neanderthal genome, and discovered that modern humans are as much as two percent Neanderthal ourselves, thanks to comparatively recent interbreeding.