Sony-EMI deal expected to win approval today

A Sony-led consortium is set to get the green light from European regulators for its takeover of EMI's music publishing business.

Hollywood caught in BitTorrent scandal

Scandals are obviously nothing new for Hollywood, but this one screams hypocrisy louder than a coke-snorting Republican at a family values conference.

Syfy jumping on the lucrative social gaming bandwagon

    Syfy is jumping into the rapidly growing arena of social games.

Quarter of world internet traffic involves copyright theft, NBC claims

Piracy accounts for almost a quarter of internet traffic worldwide, a new study has found.

MSNBC fires Olbermann: Has Comcast/NBC merger claimed its first victim?

It has begun; the merging of two of the fawning corporate media’s mega titans has resulted in a thunderous crackle that has already claimed one mortal: Keith Olbermann.

Battlestar Galactica enters Netflix orbit

It's almost here! Yes, Battlestar Galactica will finally land on Planet Netflix next week, along with Syfy's popular Eureka and Destination Truth.

NBC CEO lies to congress about Boxee block

NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker has created a bit of a hullabaloo by seemingly lying to congress about his role in forcing online streaming service, Hulu, to block open source media center Boxee.