Can Revolution Bounce Back From Its Ratings Slump?

Revolution, the NBC series where the world loses all power, was a ratings powerhouse when it debuted this year, and one of the biggest hits the network has had in years. But after a hiatus, the show’s ratings have taken a dive, and we at TGD are definitely watching to see if it can recover.

Crossbones begins casting

Crossbones - the title refers to a design element typical of privateer flags - will follow the escapades of an assassin for the British government from the American colonies, sent to infiltrate the inner circle of the infamous Blackbeard in the Caribbean.

Alternate history Sixth Gun finds its Becky

Laura Ramsey takes the lead in this supernatural alternate history serial.

Supernatural Sixth Gun headed to NBC

The supernatural alternate history serial will pilot this year.

Revolution trailer stops the flow

NBC has released a trailer for the second half of the first season of Revolution.

NBC, Lady Gaga websites hacked

Several NBC sites were hacked over the weekend, in the run-up to Guy Fawkes' Night.

NBC’s Grimm gets a comic book adaptation

Dynamite and NBC have kicked off a collaborative effort to adapt the fantasy detective story into comics and graphic novels.

NBC's Dracula gets Knauf at the controls

Carnivale creator to write and exec produce the gothic vampire serial.

Revolution gets a full series order

While the initial reviews weren’t stellar across the board, Revolution, the new series from JJ Abrams, has been racking up fairly decent ratings since the series debuted three weeks ago.

JJ Abrams clinches seven-year superhero origin serial

NBC has purchased yet another superhero television project from Hollywood genre veteran J.J. Abrams.

Doctor Who parody hits second episiode

The second installment of the first adventure of Inspector Spacetime - though that's not the official title of the show - is available now.

Doctor Who parody is here

The Doctor Who parody NBC desperately didn't want went live this past week.

Video: The beginning of Revolution

NBC has released the pilot for its upcoming dystopian adventure serial by veteran genre filmmaker J.J. Abrams.

Amazon expands video stream deal with NBC

Hundreds of new TV episodes are making their way to Amazon's Prime Instant Video platform.

Hench in development for the small screen

NBC is developing a new serial based on the cult classic 2004 graphic novel by Adam Beechen and Manny Bello.

Fangs for the memories

I'm definitely stoked about the new Dracula series in the works over at NBC. 

Dracula haunts small screens in Victorian era drama serial

NBC and Sky Living have confirmed that their adaptation of the classic Bram Stoker novel Dracula will premiere next spring.

NBC takes control of

Microsoft is no longer a part of NBC's online news presence.

The end of Awake

NBC’s new mind-bending, police procedural drama is already cancelled after only a 13-episode season. Is Awake worth watching as is?

ALF is back from planet Melmac

It's amazing that some people still remember ALF, the puppet from another planet whose name stood for Alien Life Form.