Navy reaches milestone with 'raygun' laser weapon

Scientists at Los Alamos National Lab say they're months ahead of schedule with the Office of Naval Research's 'superlaser' weapon.

Navy tests new aircraft launch system

The US Navy has successfully tested a new aircraft launch system that catapaults planes into the air using a massive electric charge.

Security overboard! British Royal Navy website hacked

Britain's Royal Navy is finding itself in the middle of a sinking ship this morning as it tries to figure out who hacked its website, how they did it, and what their purpose was.

US Navy drone goes AWOL over DC

The US Navy recently lost control of a drone that flew into restricted airspace around Washington, DC at an altitude of approximately 2,000 feet. 

US Navy outlines cyber-security strategy

Navy Chief Information Officer Robert Carey has outlined several possible approaches to improving cyber-security within the sea branch of the US armed forces.

New Navy laser zaps drones from the sky

Raytheon and the US Navy say they have successfully used a combined-beam fiber laser to shoot down unmanned aerial vehicles in flight.