Pentagon tests electromagnetic railguns

The United States military is constantly working to design advanced weapons that provide our soldiers with an edge on the battlefield.

Navy wants autonomous undersea ‘bots

The US Navy recently tested the autonomous system capabilities of an unmanned undersea glider as the military prepares to deploy squadrons of air, surface and undersea robotic vehicles later this decade.

Navy buying 450,000 gallons of biofuels

The U.S. Navy’s steadily growing biofuels program is taking a leap forward with the purchase of 450,000 gallons of plant-based fuel that will help power a carrier group during big maritime exercises next summer.

SunPower, Navy hook up in the desert

Two trends – the embrace of renewables by the U.S. military and the growth of large solar installations in the desert Southwest – will come together over the next year in California. 

Navy's largest biofuel test is a success

Using a remotely controlled ship, the U.S. Navy successfully completed its largest-scale demonstration of alternative fuels last week off the coast of California.

Video: US Air Force tests robot dragonfly drone

The Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Pat has released a video of a prototype robot dragonfly drone.

Milestone reached in Navy railgun tests

The US Navy has completed an important step in the testing of its Electromagnetic Railgun, which uses no explosives and can potentially reach targets 20 times farther than conventional weapons.

U.S. military buying more portable renewables

The U.S. military’s hunger for portable renewable energy is paying off again for SkyBuilt Power, which announced it was "selected to provide rapidly deployable renewable power stations to the U.S. Navy."

Navy missile test base ditching diesel

Whether you're a fan of the U.S. military or not, there's no denying its role in driving cleantech innovation and deployment, from embracing solar power on the front lines to testing energy-efficient lighting systems closer to home. 

U.S. Navy gets serious about unmanned sea drones

The Navy is stepping up its development of unmanned vehicles designed to patrol the high seas.

Navy tests robotic jet skis

Why use a regular old jet ski or patrol boat to monitor a habor when you can deploy an awesome looking sawed off robotic jet ski?

Pirate threat forces scientists to turn to Navy for help

Scientists are turning to the Australian and US navies to help protect them from Somali pirates in the western Indian ocean.

Navy violated own policy over WikiLeaks suspect

A special investigation has determined that the Navy violated its own policy by keeping WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning on extended suicide watch.

Navy monitoring system powered by microbes

Not to be outdone by the Army or Air Force, the Navy is also focusing on being environmentally friendly.

Abandoned Navy war ships documented by "squatters"

There are a number of aging Navy ships uncermoniously rotting away in a bay near San Francisco. Their decay is saddening to many because the ships fought courageously in World War Two.

Pirate-fighting robot aims to make the seas a safer place

This time two weeks ago, I was sitting in a rather delightful beach bar on the south coast of Sri Lanka with a bunch of chaps who were very generous with the beers.

Video: Navy blasts ship with futuristic laser weapon

Clearly the coolest thing about being part of the armed forces is being allowed to shoot really big, awesome guns. What’s even cooler? Being able to shoot a really cool big, awesome laser!

Even low levels of sonar can drive whales to their deaths

Naval sonar exercises are much more distressing to beaked whales than previously believed, and are driving them to beach themselves, a new study has found.

Navy 'underprepared' for climate change

Climate change could have major implications for the US Navy, a report from the National Research Council has warned.

Stealth drone takes maiden flight

A military stealth drone that needs no human control at all took its first test flight on Friday.